LFA 115: Silveira vs. Cummins Picks, Odds, and Betting Analysis

This full LFA card is stacked with first-time pros and fighters coming fresh out of pro boxing and kickboxing debuts. Fighters are coming from as far as Brazil to put on a show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

While I can’t place confident bets on every newcomer, I have found three fights on this card that are as close to a sure thing as you can get. We’ll add them together for a three-fight parlay that pays out much better than these three strong favorites alone.

Legacy Fighting Alliance 115 is taking place at Menominee Nation Arena and is available on UFC Fight Pass. Don’t miss these fighters earning their shot at joining larger promotions like UFC and Bellator. There are no prop bets available for any fights on LFA 115.

Betting for LFA is currently only available at Betonline.ag! Let’s analyse the odds, stats, and past performances of all six fighters starting with the main event.

Main Event 15: Josh Silveira vs Tee Cummins – 5-RD L-Hweight

Fighter Josh Silveira Tee Cummins
Odds, Payout per dollar wagered -325, $0.31 +250, $2.50
Age 28 29
Height 6’1’’ 6’0”
Reach/Stance 72” Southpaw 72.5 Southpaw
Record 5-0 4-0
Submissions/TKO 4 Sub, 1 TKO 0 Sub, 4TKO

Josh Silveria is the #21 ranked pro light heavyweight in the United States. After this win, he’s sure to be signed to a major promotion. He’s finished each opponent in five pro bouts, four of them in the very first round. His amateur career is a similar story, 4-0 with three first-round finishes.

Tee Cummins is a wrecking machine:
With four TKO’s to his name and two finishes in pro-bare-knuckle events. In his amateur career, he lost two decisions and was finished once. Tee was a quick starter early on but has become a more patient fighter over time.

Tee trains out of his own MMA gym, where he is the owner and presumably the coach in Memphis, Tennessee. Silveira trains out of the prestigious American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Florida. ATT is home to many UFC alumni and several champions.

Tee’s most important opponent would be Anthony Kalani, who was undefeated until the fight with Tee. Anthony had faced three fighters in their pro debut and beat them easily. Tee knocked Anthony out in the third round.

Josh’s first-round finish of Rafael Viana was his last win. Viana was 6-1 going into the fight and had defeated three Shooto regulars with losing records. Josh choked him in the first round after timing and shooting under the first punch Viana threw. Cummins struggled against Kalani until he caught him clean in the third.

Kalani’s forward movement and clench tactics served him well. Silveira will have the better takedowns and the more fluid striking. Tee will have a slight punching power advantage. It’s difficult to tell who will win in the conditioning department, though Josh has won more decisions.

I pick Josh Silveira -325


Please Note:
Training at a school you run isn’t conducive for long-term improvement. If Silvera fights a smart fight, which he is willing to do as we saw against Viana, he’ll have no trouble exhausting Tee with top position strikes. I’d love to see a ‘fight goes to decision’ prop bet, but none are available.

Fight 9: Roland Dunlap vs Ryot Waller – Middleweight

Fighter Ronald Dunlap Ryot Walker
Odds, Payout per dollar wagered -700, $0.14 +450, $4.50
Age apx. 25 39
Height 6’3’’ 6’2”
Record 2-0 3-6
Submissions/TKO 0 Sub, 2 TKO 3 Sub, 0 TKO

Roland Dunlap is coming off a terrifying slam TKO victory over Ikebunna. Ikebunna fell to 2-2 after his loss to Dunlap.

Ronald was a talented high school wrestler and had an extensive seven-fight amateur career going 6-1. He finished all amateur bouts via submission or TKO.

Ryot has had a rocky career, with a mix of pro kickboxing and grappling wins. He does have three submission wins. From what I can tell, he’s a patient kickboxer and often gets run over. He doesn’t seem to have a ground escape game, and fighters who’ve won top position tend to stay there.

After watching his loss to Collin Huckbody, I see a similar path to victory for Ronald Dunlap.

Ronald Dunlap is on the rise. He’s an athlete and has tremendous power for a lower-ranked middleweight and should continue his streak through Walker.

I pick Ronald Runlap -700


Fight 8: Tyus White vs Jeff Jepson – Welterweight

Fighter Tyus White Jeff Jepson
Odds, Payout per dollar wagered -300, $0.33 +240, $2.40
Age 23 31
Height 5’8’’ 5’6’’
Record 4-0 6-3
Submissions/TKO 2 Sub, 1 TKO 2 Sub, 3 TKO

Tyus White was a 4-0 undefeated amateur as well, making his current win streak 8-0. He was a wrestler in high school, with a 120-16 record over four years, and was a state champion. He’s eight years younger than Jeff. Youth of 6+ years wins some 65% of the time in MMA.

Jeff Jepson is a finisher, with five of his six victories coming by way of submission or TKO. His losses are a mix of injury, decision, and submissions.

Jepson started his amateur career in 2015 and has racked up seventeen fights quite quickly. In his last bout vs Dillion Cox (now 2-3,) Tyus showed patient but unrefined striking. He waited almost 90 seconds for the first takedown attempt, which was a bit of counter-wrestling after Cox was cracked with a clean jab.

Jepson has lost three of his last five. His last fight was a win over Steven Merrill, a 5-7 fighter who makes occasional LFA appearances. This fight was in late 2020, and the year off may have done Jeff some good.

Jeff’s losses are all to undefeated or heavily experienced fighters. The best fighter Jeff has beaten was the 8-13 submission specialist Chris Johnson. All in all, I don’t see Jeff able to manage the wrestling pedigree of Tyus.

I pick Tyus White at -300


LFA 115 Best Parlay Payout

If we look at the three picks we’ve made so far, you’ll get these odds:

Tyus White:
Ronald Dunlap:
Josh Silveira:

These bets placed as a three-fight parlay get the total payout of $0.99 per dollar wagered. Not a bad way to double your money considering the talent and opponents of these rising pros.

As always, let us know what you think of these bets by leaving us a comment below, and we’ll see you next time for the LFA 116 most confident picks!


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