LFA 119 Silveira vs Revel Betting Pick, Fight Analysis and Latest Odds

The battle for the 185lbs LFA vacant Middleweight Title goes down tonight between the undefeated Josh Silveira and #1 Canadian Middleweight Jared Revel. In this LFA 119 betting pick, we’re taking a deep look at the fighters stats, fight performances, and betting odds to give you the most accurate bet.
Silveira is the current light heavyweight LFA champion. He hopes to become the two division champ, one of the first in LFA history. In his way is high level grappler Jared Revel.

Tale of the Tape for Silveira vs Revel

Fighter Josh Silveira  Jared Revel 
Money Line -900 +550
Age 28 37
Height 6’1’’ 6’2’’
Record 6-0 11-2
Submissions/TKO 4/2 5/2
Over/Under 1 ½ Rounds Prop Bet O +135 U -165
Fighter Training Camp American Top Team Revolution Martial Arts and Fitness

Josh takes the youth advantage while Jared is an inch taller. Reach stats are currently unavailable on these athletes.
Silveira is far less experienced, with no amatuer career to speak of, he’s been active since 2016. Meanwhile, Revel had a five fight amatuer career that ranges back to 2012. Revel has  been active since he was 28, the same age that Silveira is now.
This can be an advantage, especially considering both fighters have a penchant for grappling. Revel is a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu. In 2020 he defeated four time BJJ world champion Sergio Moraes. It’s clear his grappling for mma is top notch, and our LFA 119 betting pick relies on this factor. Revel won’t be easily submitted and has never been knocked out across 18 bouts.
Silveira is the son of Marcus Silveira, one of the first black belts under Carlson Gracie. So he’s been training since childhood but doesn’t publicly display a rank. Silveira was a decorated college wrestler.

Money Line LFA 119 Betting

Silveira pays out at $0.11 per dollar wagered. You may think about adding this fight to a parlay if you see a Silveira win. Revel pays out at $5.50 per dollar wagered.
While Silveira is the likely victor, don’t underestimate Revel.
Of Josh Silveira’s opponents, Revel is one of the more promising and by far the most experienced. In fact, 6-1 Rafael Viana was Josh’s most experienced opponent to date.

Over/Under LFA 119 Betting

The Under is the favorite due to Silveira’s five first round finishes, but oddsmakers aren’t accounting for the fact that these opponent’s have few fights and almost no jiu jitsu and wrestling pedigree.
Silveira is aggressive and moves quickly, but Revel is capable of slowing a fight down. He takes his time in the clench, and neutralizes ground striking well when in bottom position. It’s likely that Silveira will win the takedown, but we need to factor in his weight cut. This is Josh’s first time at middleweight. New weight cuts, especially as we age, take a greater toll on explosiveness and cardio. It’s likely his coaches at ATT will create a more conservative strategy to make up for the losses in cardio due to the extra 20 lbs Josh will need to cut to make Middleweight.

Road to the Ring

Revel has changed training camps leading up to the fight. He’s working with Eryk Anders of the UFC at Fight Ready. Fight Ready has produced around a dozen UFC level fighters including The Korean Zombie, Henry Cujudo and others. If any fight camp can improve the wrestling of Revel to a competitive level in a short time, it’s DC’s MMA Lab, but Fight Ready is a great choice, too.

Fight Finishing Stats

Silveira has one third round finish, over 1-1 Fernando Alvarado. Of Revel’s last five, he’s had two decisions and three finishes. His first round finishes were over two lower level opponent’s and his fifth round finish was over 7-9 Drayton Angus.
After a review of these opponents, it’s clear that neither man has stopped a level of fighter equal to their own.
However, Revel was defeated in the first round by Bukwas, a knockout striker centered around Muay Thai style striking. Silveira is more wrestling focused, and the stoppage was due to a large cut, not a TKO. Revel fought a competitive fight, nearly securing the armbar.

Fighter Camp Comparison

American Top Team is one of the top camps in the world with multiple world champions. Silviera is in the optimal training environment for him right now. Revel is at infinity Martial Arts and Revolution MMA and Fitness in Canada. Neither gym has produced significant numbers of fighters and neither gym has world champions in BJJ or MMA. However, his new training camp at Fight Ready may play a role in his preparedness for the striking and athleticism of Silveira.
For our LFA 119 betting pick, it’s notable that Josh Silviera money line is a very safe bet, just not an optimal one.

Josh Silveira’s Record

Silveira faced Tee Cummins in his last bout, a 4-0 fighter from Memphis Judo and Jiu Jitsu. Tee is also 2-0 in Bare Knuckle Fighting and has a perfect 4-0 finishing ratio in MMA. The fight was heavily one sided, with an early Silveira knockout.
Tee is more aggressive than Jared, another point supporting our Over prop betting pick.
Josh’s striking is solid, but they still engaged in early grappling exchanges to set up the TKO.

Jared Revel’s Record

Revel fought to a decision against his two highest level opponent’s over the last four fights. Moraes and Revel put on serious grappling exchanges, with both fighters looking to win via control and short, consistent ground striking.
His bout with Collin Hart was less one sided. Colin is a TUF 17 alum who won his first two fights inside the show. He is primarily a grappler, and struggled against Kelvin Gastelum in the semi-finals of the show. It’s clear Revel can manage other grapplers well, and to win Silveira will need to highlight and favor his striking.

LFA 119 Wrap Up

With Silveira’s combination wrestling and striking, he should win, but I’m not counting Revel out. The Over covers the fighters performances against other tough opponent’s. Remember that this is a five round title fight, and it needs only go to 2:30 of the second round to meet our prop bet.
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