Triller Triad Combat: Jackson vs Briggs Betting Pick and Future Odds

In this Triller Triad betting pick, we look at the future main event, Jackson vs Briggs. This bout is teased for early 2022. These fights bring strange rules and spectacle fights that turned into very exciting slugfests in it’s inaugural show. Now, we look closely at the fighting careers of Shannon Briggs and Rampage Jackson, covering the attributes, fight stats, questions about betting on futures, fight tape, odds movement analysis and latest odds so that you have the optimal chance of selecting a winning bet!

Story of the Fight

Briggs and Jackson didn’t disappoint when they were separated at a weigh ins for Triller Triad 1. These two have allegedly hated each other for a long time, and they finally get to settle the score. 

Triller Triad Combat is available on PPV and subscription, and Triller’s first show of 2022 has been announced and is headlined by Pulev vs Junior Dos Santos, so it’s likely the Briggs vs Jackson fight takes place in March or April. 
You can bet on the fights’ early money lines now at

The Triller Triad Ruleset

The ruleset is a bit funky. The ring is a triangle, which does pose some interesting issues, such as fighters ending up cornered against the ropes more often, forcing the action and limiting good footwork. 
The fights also allow for “any type of punch.” This rule allows for spinning backfists and standing hammerfists. It makes for some interesting clench fighting and very loose rules around dirty boxing, similar to the BKFC rule set. Elbows are now allowed, but spinning back fists are often landed on the fore-arm, I’m not sure how Triller is going to account for this or if they plan on addressing it at all. 
The bout will likely be nine, three minute rounds. For this fight, I’d say it’s closer to boxing than MMA, with some advantages, like clench fighting, leaning toward Jackson. The question is, how much grappling are they going to allow, and how often can Quinton hold and hit? Triller isn’t exactly transparent on this. I think they want the fights and rules to be a little ambiguous to drive surprise.

Tale of the Tape for Jackson vs Briggs

When comparing these two fighters, note that Briggs is a boxer and Rampage is an MMA fighter. Jackson’s record doesn’t readily display the number of rounds he’s fought, and he’s knocked out MMA fighters, not boxers. Several of these knockouts 

Fighter  Quinton Rampage Jackson Shannon Briggs 
Age 43 50
Height 6’1’’ 6’4’’
Reach 73’’ 80’’
Total Fights 52 68
Record 28-14 60-6-1, 1 NC
Knockouts 20, 38% 53, 77.9%
Stance Orthodox  Orthodox 
NA 226
Inactivity  731 Days  2048 Days
Weight class
Light Heavyweight Heavyweight
Head Coach Wolfslair MMA, Juanito Ibarra James O’Farrell, Lacroix

Briggs is a very big man. Jackson spent the end of his MMA career fighting at heavyweight, but he is a light heavyweight who gained weight, not a proper competitor at 265. 
Briggs has the experience advantage and the reach and height advantages. Jackson has age on his side, fighting more recently and being seven years younger than Briggs. 

Comparing the Fighters Trainers

Juanito Ibarra is Quinton’s trainer and long time trainer of Oscar De La Hoya. He’s a quality coach, and there is really no telling how much he’s improved Jackson’s boxing as they’ve been working together over the last two years. 
Briggs began with James O’Farrell but late in his career switched to power punch creator Milton Lacroix. Lacroix has a famed ability to increase the knockout ability of any fighter he touches. It’s unclear if either boxer is working recently with their respective coaches, and we should stay tuned to training footage on fighter social media and press releases for updates. I see no direct advantage for either fighter with these coaches, both are very high quality. 

Betting Odds for Jackson vs Briggs

These are the odds for this MMA future as of December 31st, 2021 available at 

Bet Odds and Payout per Dollar Wager
Rampage Jackson Money Line +190, $1.90
Shannon Briggs Money Line -240, $0.42 

Briggs should be a much stronger favorite. He ended his career at 45 years old, knocking out five opponent’s in a row, many as good boxers as Jackson. Jackson’s recent string of fights include three losses. Rampage has only been knocked out four times in his career, but he relied heavily on his wrestling to survive multiple knockdowns throughout his UFC career from 2007 to 2011. 
If you’re going to bet on Briggs, I think your best move is to do it well before the card is announced. Briggs will shift to a heavy favorite after people start betting. The opening odds had Briggs at -300. I can’t see this trend holding after more fight analysts get their hands on it. 

Shannon Briggs Betting Line Movement

In Shannon’s last bout in 2016, he opened at -6000 and moved to -12500 by fight time at closing. Briggs has a history of people placing heavy wagers on his success. He hasn’t had odds this close since his loss to Klitschko in 2010. 

Quinton Jackson Betting Line Movement

Jackson’s last betting line was +230 moved to +120 against Emelianenko, a 53% drop. He was also the underdog in his 2017 rematch with Muhammed Lawal, starting at +120 and moving to +225. The stats say Quinton will continue to close this odds gap, but my intuition tells me to bet now to attain my optimal Briggs odds.  

Will Props Become Available Offshore for Jackson vs Briggs?

It’s likely that by fight time Triller has their rounds released in a way that oddsmakers can understand it. The last Triller Triad event had no prop bets because it failed to release it’s round count until the day before the fight. I predict the under for Briggs, and a short fight for Quinton. 

Boxing Analysis for Jackson vs Briggs

The biggest concern for me is the age of Briggs. Part of why he quit was that he was caught cheating. Briggs was positive for elevated levels of testosterone in 2017, a ban that subsequently cut his boxing career short. 
However, in Triller, steroids are practically encouraged. It’s back to the good old days of Pride FC. Logan Paul refused any testing for his recent boxing bout, and I believe that will set the tone for these spectacle boxing and fighting bouts. Fighters that know they have free reign on P.E.D.s can fight later into old age and maintain much of their youthful athleticism. 

Is Shannon Briggs Too Old to Win?

Briggs is a hands down better boxer than Quinton Jackson. It’s not even close. Like with the return of the 59 year old Holyfield, it’s clear that there is a limit to how long a fighter can wait before returning. Briggs has been out 2000 days, but we have it on good authority he’s stayed training and coaching through that time. Holyfield hadn’t fought since 2011, almost three times as long a gap. I’m far less concerned with Briggs’ return, and the two year layoff on Jackson could be just as harmful if he hasn’t been training. 

Jackson vs Briggs Boxing Pick Wrap Up

The MMA guide should clear up any confusion on betting line movement or betting on mma futures. Triller Triad is classified as MMA on most betting sites, not boxing. You’ll search for it under MMA futures on most betting sites. 
Briggs is one of the GOATs of heavyweight boxing. Rampage is a fantastic wrestler and clench fighter. Their matchup is absurd, and a Rampage bet is hinged on hoping Briggs is aging poorly. 

Jacob Clark / Author

Jacob Clark had a 15 year career as a professional MMA fighter, coach, and Greg Jackson’s alum. Now, TikTok’s 12th most important BJJ influencer is bringing his sports and betting knowledge to you here at TheSportsGeek. He spends his time cooking vietnamese food and playing D&D with his family. You can meet him at jiu-jitsu open mats all over Indiana.

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