UFC 119 Odds – Mir vs Cro Cop Odds and Prediction

UFC will be visiting the State of Indiana for the first time ever Saturday night for UFC 119. The event is taking place in Indianapolis at the Conseco Fieldhouse. Fans were expecting the anticipated rematch between Frank Mir and Antonio Nogueira, but last month Nogueira suddenly dropped out of the fight with an injury that has been undisclosed. Instead of Mir fighting Nogueira, he’ll now be going toe-to-toe against the “Crazy Croatian”, Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic.

The sportsbooks have made Frank Mir (13-5) a clear favorite in the fight tomorrow against Mirko Cro Cop (27-7-2). One of the reasons why the bookies have made Mir the favorite is because he’s had more time to prepare for the fight. Cro Cop didn’t know he was going to be in the fight until the middle of last month. There is also a noticeable age difference with Mir being 31 and Cro Cop just turning 36 the other day.

This should be an interesting fight between two heavyweights that should feature a lot of striking. Cro Cop is running out of opportunities in the UFC and he isn’t getting any younger. He’s going to need to get a victory tomorrow night if he wants to have a chance at climbing the UFC heavyweight ladder. Mir is still in the prime of his career and he has plenty of time to win some big fights in his career, but beating Cro Cop would definitely help his matter.

UFC 119 Odds – Mir vs Cro Cop Odds

Frank Mir (–225)
vs Mirko Cro Cop (+185)

Mir vs Cro Cop Predictions:

Cro Cop will definitely try keeping the fight standing up tomorrow night, as his best chance at winning is going to be knocking out Mir with a solid punch that connects. Mir easily has the advantage on the ground, but Mir’s ground game is nothing to write home about. I’ve also been impressed with the takedown defense Cro Cop has shown in his past few fights. All of his recent opponents have had trouble taking down the big man and it should be interesting to see if Mir can get the job done.

I think we’re going to see both fighters willing to bang in the first round to feel each other out and I’m sure Mir will change his game plan as needed. Cro Cop seems to have lost some of his power over the years and he’s no longer as free swinging as he once was. There is no doubt that he possesses knockout power, but in his recent fights he’s shown that he has lost his speed and efficiency. One advantage that Cro Cop will have against Mir is endurance, as Mir has mentioned that he suffers in longer fights. Mir will try and end the fight early, but if it goes into the late rounds you can expect the advantage to be in Cro Cop’s corner.

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