UFC 123 Odds – Rampage vs Machida Predictions

The UFC 123 PPV event will start tonight at 10PM EST sharp and there are plenty of great betting opportunities to take advantage of tonight. Detroit UFC fans have been waiting since UFC 9 to host another event and they’ll finally have the chance to host an event again tonight, as UFC 123 takes place at The Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan – and it should be awesome UFC event. There are a couple huge fights tonight and we have predictions for all of the fights that will be on the PPV event below.

Quinton Jackson vs. Lyoto Machida UFC 123 Odds & Predictions

Quinton Jackson +220 (@ BetED.com <- $250 FREE on 1st Deposit)
Lyoto Machida -255 (@ 5Dimes.com <- Reduced Juiced Odds and A+ book)

Tons of UFC fans are waiting to watch this anticipated bout between Jackson and Machida. There is no doubt that Jackson is going to try and come out throwing haymakers against Machida, but it’s going to be difficult to land them I think. Lyoto has proven in the past that his style of fighting matches up well against big strikers due to the fact that he moves around the cage a lot. Jackson does possess enough knockout power to end the fight tonight, but I have a feeling that Machida will have a great fight and win. This isn’t going to be the most exciting fight on the card tonight, but if you’re betting on the fights the only thing that’s important is whether you win your wager or not.

Prediction = Machida Wins (Bet it at -255 @ 5Dimes.com)

B.J. Penn vs. Matt Hughes Odds & Predictions

B.J. Penn -165 (@ Bodog.com <- 10% FREE Money Bonus)
Matt Hughes +150 (@ 5Dimes.com)

This fight may have excited me a few years ago, but I just don’t see this being a classic UFC fight tonight. Both of these fighters are out of their prime, but there is no doubt that they both want to beat each other up. It should come down to the fighter that is best prepared for the fight tonight since both fighters are getting older. I really like B.J. Penn in this fight although it should definitely be a close battle between two fighters who know each other well. This will be the 3rd time that these two have fought with each fighter winning 1 fight, which means tonight will decide who has the upper-hand in the series.

Tim Boetsch vs. Phil Davis Odds & Predictions

Tim Boetsch +425 (@ Sportsbook.com <- $250 FREE use Promo Code WIN250)
Phil Davis -500 (@ 5Dimes.com)

This is one of those fights that everyone expects Davis to absolutely dominate and that scare me a bit. If you’re going to bet on Davis I’d try keeping him in parlays only due to the huge amount of juice you need to risk. Davis is 7-0 in the MMA and should become one of the most popular UFC fighters in the next couple years if he keeps things going. Boetsch has also done great in the UFC and is currently 4-0 in his last 4 UFC fights. Boetsch isn’t terrible on the ground by any means, which he should be able to last a round or two against Davis, but I can’t see him winning the fight tonight.

Joe Lauzon vs. George Sotiropoulos Odds & Predictions

Joe Lauzon +185 (@ 5Dimes.com)
George Sotiropoulos -205 (@ Sportsbook.com)

Something tells me that Lauzon is going to find a way to upset George tonight although it’s going to be difficult. Joe has been great for the UFC so far, as he always tries his best to make his fights exciting. He knocks people out, submits people and does everything in between to try and wear his opponents out. Sotiropoulos on the other hand is a very scrappy fighter that should match up well tonight against Lauzon. This fight is difficult to predict, but I’m going with the exciting underdog in this bout.

Maiquel Falcao vs. Gerald Harris Odds and Prediction

Maiquel Falcao +230 (@ 5Dimes.com)
Gerald Harris -265 (@ BetED.com)

This fight is going to be great to watch because both fighters should come out looking for the knockout. If both fighters fight like we expect then it’s going to be an absolute slugfest with one fighter getting knocked out in the end, which is definitely a fight that I’d call exciting. Falcao has been fighting in Brazil and this will actually be his first UFC fight, which means he may be nervous fighting in front of a huge crowd of strangers. Harris has been having a remarkable year in the UFC and I can’t see a new UFC fighter walking in the cage for the first time and posting up a victory against Gerald.

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