UFC 124 Odds – UFC 124 Betting Predictions

The UFC is back in Canada tonight December 11th 2010 with what’s going to be one of the best events of the entire year and a great way to end 2010. The Bell Centre in Montreal is going to be absolutely electric tonight for UFC 124, as Canadian George St. Pierre will be defending his Welterweight Championship Belt against Josh Koscheck. Leading up to this fight, Koscheck has been his normal self and found a way to insult not only St. Pierre, but also the city of Montreal. George on the other hand doesn’t like bashing his opponents and would rather just beat them in the cage where it counts. UFC 124 Odds for each fight, along with our prediction for betting the fights can be found below, enjoy!

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UFC 124 Main Event Odds – George St. Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck Odds & Predictions:

George St. Pierre –485 / Josh Koscheck +385

The sportbooks aren’t showing Koscheck any love and there are plenty of reasons for this. Not only will St. Pierre be fighting in front of his hometown fans, but he’ll also be fighting one of the most hated fighters in the UFC. Montreal would love to see St. Pierre knockout Koscheck on Saturday, but I have a feeling this fight may go the distance. These two fighters have already fought against each other once, but it was all the way back in 2007. George St. Pierre ended up winning the fight and proved to everyone at the time that his wrestling skills were better then Koscheck’s.

This Main Event title fight could prove to be a lot less exciting then everyone is anticipating although it has the potential to be a great fight at the same time. Both fighters are superb wrestlers, so expect to see a lot of takedown moves and wrestling throughout the long 5-round fight. In the first round we should see some stand up fighting while the two fighters weigh each other out, but other then that the fight should be extremely technical. I’m taking St. Pierre to win this fight by knockout, as he’s just a much better pound for pound fighter than Josh Koscheck.

Prediction = GSP to win @ -485 odds

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Odds For UFC 124 PPV Fights

John Howard +250 / Thiago Alves –300

There isn’t that much to say about this fight. I’ll be taking the favoured Alves in this bout, as he’s a superior striker. In Thiago’s recent fights he’s struggled, but that’s because they’ve been against the likes of St. Pierre and Finch. Thiago is one of the toughest fighters in the Welterweight division and he should be able to prove that this Saturday. If Alves loses this fight then he isn’t going to get many other chances, so he should be prepared to get back in the winning column. Prediction = Alves to win @ -300 odds

Joe Stevenson –265 / Mac Danzig +225

Both Joe Stevenson and Mac Danzig have won the Ultimate Fighter Series in the past, but now they’re both in dire needs of a win in the UFC if they want to continue receiving PPV fights. Stevenson is the favourite in this fight and I think he should be able to win this fight Saturday night. Joe is bigger then Danzig and should be able to control the fight if he sticks to his game plan. Mac is a really tough dude and I can’t see him getting knocked out against Stevenson, but Joe should win if the fight goes to the judge’s scorecards. If Danzig wants a chance at pulling out the victory he’s going to have to try and catch Stevenson in a submission at some point during the fight. Prediction = Stevenson to win @ -265 odds

Charles Oliveira –127 / Jim Miller +107

This should probably be the closest fight of the night and has the potential to be very exciting. Coming into this fight there is no doubt that Miller holds a significant experience advantage over the younger Oliveira. Charles hasn’t lost a fight in the UFC coming into this fight, but this is definitely his first real test. If he can defeat Miller in this fight then he’ll definitely move up the power rankings in the weight class and should start seeing more headline opportunities. It’s going to be a close fight between two fighters with similar fighting styles. Expect to see a lot of the ground game with these two fighters and the fight lasting the distance with Oliveira coming out on top. Prediction = Oliveira to win @ -127 odds

Sean McCorkle +140 / Stefan Struve –160

This is actually going to be a really fun fight to watch because I want to see how these fighting styles match-up. Struve is going to have a nice height and reach advantage in this fight, but McCorkle has a lot more power. The challenge for McCorkle is going to be whether or not he can get inside the guard of Struve without taking much damage. If Sean can take the fight to the ground he should have the advantage with his power, but at the same time he’ll need to watch out for submissions. Struve has exceptional reach and can end a fight with a submission in the matter of seconds. I like McCorkle to stay undefeated in the UFC though and will be taking this as my one and only underdog for the night. Prediction = McCorkle to win @ +140 odds