UFC Fight Night 172 Betting Picks: Tim Elliott vs Ryan Benoit

Here we go, guys!

Short time! The fights are Wednesday night!

This one is somehow the co-main event!

I personally would have made Jimmie Rivera vs Cody Stamann the main event. They are two top ten fighters in the hottest division in the UFC.

The Bantamweight division has never been so deep! This fight here, though, will be contested down at 125. Both fighters are natural Flyweights and Benoit might even be able to make 115.

BetOnline.AG has the betting odds for us. Let’s quickly make our pick to win!

Tim Elliott (-120) vs Ryan Benoit (+100)

Tim Elliott is a tad larger.

Benoit will have a couple of inches of reach on the vet, Elliott, and an advantage in the power department as well.

Ryan’s striking looked good in his last fight but he was still taken down 4 times by a Chinese fighter not really known for his wrestling prowess.

He was taken down 5 times each in two of his last 3 contests.

This is a terrible matchup for Ryan.

I worry about Tim Elliott on the mat because he puts himself in positions to be tapped out and it does happen.

That is against high-level submission artists, though, and Benoit is not one of those guys.

This betting line is crazy, though. Tim might gas, yes, but this is a stylistic slam dunk.

The UFC knows he is a great employee who takes a lot of fights others wouldn’t and he puts on a show almost every time he’s locked inside the Octagon.

He has lost 3 in a row but they were all very tough opponents. He is clearly getting a step down and set up for a win here against Benoit.

My Pick
Tim Elliott

In Conclusion

This one should be an open and shut case but that just never seems to be the case with ol’ Tim Elliott.

He can and will get you some takedowns but it’s always a scramble. He has trouble holding guys down.

Tim grapples quite freely to be in a UFC fight and it can drive his fans and backers crazy.

The UFC is giving him someone this week in Ryan Benoit who has terrible takedown defense and doesn’t present much of a problem on paper to threaten Elliott with submissions.

I think Elliott is quite undervalued in this spot.

I will definitely bet him but he likes to make it interesting. That worries me but he also likes that UFC paycheck and if he loses this one, it’s time to say bye to the Octagon.

And guess what?

Bellator doesn’t have a 125 division so if he wants to keep getting decent-sized paychecks, Elliott better grind out a solid win here against the Texan, Benoit.

Mike Pruitt / Author

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