UFC Fight Night Betting Pick: Ed Herman vs Gerald Meerschaert

Short fuse!

It is nice to see Ed Herman outlast just about every one of his Ultimate Fighter Season 3 castmates.

  • Even Michael Bisbing, who was a world champion, is retired now.
  • Josh Haynes is a Las Vegas cop. We trained together several times. Big guy but as nice as they come.
  • Kendall Grove won his last MMA fight about a year ago. He is still around but not competing in the UFC like Ed.

The aptly-named raging redhead was still very young when he was on the show. He was just 24 then and the former Team Quest and current American Top Team athlete will turn 40 this October.

His style doesn’t really lend itself to longevity but you have to give it to a guy like him.

He is tough and can kinda crack on the feet but was never the best athlete or offensive wrestler so he spent a lot of his time in the cage trading blows with other 200-pound men.

If you include his fights while on the show, he is 14-11 with the organization and while some may scoff at this, I am thoroughly impressed.

How many hype-job/flash in the pan fighters have come and gone in the past 14 years in the UFC? So, Ed’s resume is impressive but we have to take it for what it is.

He has never been able to consistently get victories in the top ten but has shown to be a tough out for a lot of solid fighters.

His opponent, Gerald Meerschaert, is coming off of a flash knockdown TKO loss to Ian Heinisch less than 8 weeks ago.

Normally, I am on the fade harder than Ice Cube, Eve, and the crew on a Friday when I see a fighter come back too soon from a potential concussion. It was just a flash, though, and that kinda stuff happens in the gym all the time.

This is especially true when their next opponent is a hard hitter which Ed ranks at maybe a 6/10 on the punching power scale.

That is at Middleweight, though, and this fight will be contested at 205 so while there are surely other 205ers who can hit much harder, Herman will carry more power at a higher weight.

This is a winnable fight for both guys but the betting line is off to me.

BetOnline.AG has provided said betting odds for us this week. Let’s take a gander at those and make our pick for this matchup between Ed Short Fuse Herman vs Gerald GM3 Meerschaert.

Gerald Meerschaert (-175) vs Ed Herman (+155)

Gerald… I faded you against Ian Heinisch in your last fight which worked out very well but man, I also took the over 1.5 rounds. I thought you could hang but nooooo.

Heinisch looked great and definitely packed more power in his hands up at 205 as opposed to Middleweight which is a big jump, 20 pounds from 185.

Gerald is a very big guy and he might be more well-suited at the higher weight class as well.

We can’t just go off of a flash TKO loss alone.

GM3 will have his chance against an aging, slow, plodding, Ed Herman this Saturday.

Here’s the thing:

To directly take advantage of someone slow, you should probably be faster.

GM is not a Ferrari. That’s for sure. He has relied on very good size at the smaller weight class and good submission skills. Other than that, what does he really bring to the table? He’s an active bugger. I’ll give him that.

44 fights in 13 years as a professional mixed martial artist is rather impressive especially as such a big guy.

6-5 in the UFC and his best win was against Deron Winn if that’s really considered impressive. Deron was a bit of a hype job. The dude is good but grossly undersized for the Middleweight division standing just 4’8” tall.

Just kidding. He’s at least 5’3”.

Other than that, maybe Trevin Giles is his biggest UFC win. He is on the card as well but as an underdog to Kevin Holland.

Ed Herman, on the other hand, has been in there with some very good fighters.

Jake Shields, Damien Maia, and Jacare Souza. His biggest wins were TKO’s against Tim Boetsch and Pat Cummins.

Okay, so I did hype up Ed and deservedly so but he has dropped the ball when it came time to get a step up in competition.

He really lacks speed. I like Ed to defend takedowns pretty well, score in the clinch, take a shot to give one and finish with combinations but he is slow and being 39 ain’t helping too much either.

Both guys are 6’1” tall with identical reaches of 77 inches. Statistically, in both the striking and grappling realms, both fighters are very similar.

I give the edge in striking to Ed, though. He may get caught. His chin has been hit a lot by some very big men for nearly two decades.

With the small cage, the fighter who takes the center of the Octagon has a big advantage. I believe that will be Herman and he should edge Gerald in a striking battle. I think they are fairly even otherwise.

If Gerald had some TKO wins on his resume, maybe I could understand him being the favorite but this is a decent matchup for Herman. I can see him winning by decision and also by TKO.

This fight is actually more of a pick’em and I would lean towards Ed. I would cap him at (-120) and he is at (+145). That’s the edge we need to make a play here.

My Pick
Ed Herman

In Conclusion

This may not be the most exciting fight of the night and then again we may just get a banger.

Gerald Meerschaert is a finisher. We have to give him that much. He has finished all 6 of his victories inside the Octagon.

Herman has finished his last 2 out of 3 opponents in the UFC. I see Herman fighting very very smart and scoring with knees in the clinch as much as possible.

I actually think this one will make it to the judges even considering both guy’s styles of kill or be killed. It’s a close matchup and neither guy is very fast.

Ed Herman is a wily veteran and it will likely show in his performance this Saturday night from Las Vegas.

Get your bets in now. I think the money will come in on Herman here as a valuable dog.

Mike Pruitt / Author

Mike has been covering sports professionally since 2017 but on the amateur scene for 25 years since when he was 12. Before the internet changed the world, he would keep detailed statistical box scores of NFL and NBA contests, write recaps, and voluntarily commentate games and fights alone in his room. Mike's military experience, Bachelors Degree, and employment thereafter were always rooted in engineering, science, and teaching. Now he enjoys being able to express himself through writing about football, golf, and car racing among other sports but most of all fighting as his life has been rooted in mixed martial arts including competing and teaching for the past 15 years.

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