Motor Sports Betting Picks: NASCAR iRacing Dover International Speedway

I’m not sure how much longer NASCAR will be an e-sport but be it a video game or real life at 200 mph, we have you covered.

Not surprisingly, the younger drivers have dominated the iRaces so far. I’m 38 and I came up with NES, Super Nintendo, N64, Xbox, and Playstation.

I would like to think drivers around my age have some experience but when I actually use my brain to think about it, I realize they were too busy winning real-life Mario Kart races to spend their time playing video games.

For the young men like weekly betting favorite William Byron, it appears they were born with a technology gene. At just 22-years-old, he is the only two-time winner since the iRacing competitions began in March.

The Charlotte-native won both races not far away “in Virginia”, Richmond and Bristol.

Virginia-native Denny Hamlin took the checkered in Miami while points leader Timmy Hill won the Texas race, and last week Alex Bowman won at Talladega.

Hamlin actually finished dead last at this past Sunday’s iRace at Talladega. 39th out of 39, ugh. How did that happen?

Uh-oh… She knew what she was doing! Can we ride go karts, Dad? No, okay, click.

Apparently, by the time, Denny turned the monitor back on, he was sitting sideways on pit road racking up penalties after he had already missed qualifying, started from the back, and fell victim to a crash.

Welcome to 2020, D! Good times!

We were on him and Alex Bowman the week prior in Richmond but they both fell short. We came off of Alex last week and that, of course, is why he was able to secure the victory.

He is a true technician, young at heart but with an iron will. I think Bowman is a future star of the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series.

It wasn’t just Alex and Denny who had exciting weeks at the race track Sunday.

Jeff Gordon, in his first return to competition since his retirement in 2016, must’ve been thinking about ESPN’s The Last Dance documentary slated to air a few hours later because he did his best Michael Jordan.

The good news is nobody was hurt. That was my initial worry. Somebody is watching over the Rainbow Warrior.

It appears that the online sportsbooks don’t believe so, though, because his betting odds are dead last on a list of 40+ drivers. (+10000) to win.

They were clearly not impressed by his performance.

One more thing before we get to this week’s iRacing betting action.

I want to wish a happy belated birthday to this guy.

Something tells me that The Intimidator wouldn’t approve of the video game simulations, though. Cheers to the old school.

BetOnline.AG has the odds for us this week. Let’s find a few drivers to add to our betting spread for the NASCAR iRacing event on Dover International Speedway.

Timmy Hill: +800

Hey, we are getting tremendous value with Timmy Hill here.

He is the current points leader and has only finished outside of the top three in one of the 5 iRaces so far this year. That was last week when he finished 11th but before that, it was 3rd, 1st, 3rd, and 2nd.

He has been the best driver on the circuit so far, without a doubt. What’s more impressive to me is that he was nowhere to be found before this.

In 96 races over 9 years for NASCAR’s Cup Series, Hill never once cracked the top ten! I guess he was always there but nobody noticed.

The 27-year-old Maryland native may be one of the few that want this lockdown to last through the Summer and Fall. He has proven that track history or fit aren’t major predictors for iRacing, at least not for him.

William Byron is the favorite but at (-200)…man, we can barely pick one other driver for our betting spread if we take him.

I will take the points leader with four top 3 finishes in five starts. His betting odds are also four times as profitable as Byron’s.

Landon Cassill: +2000

I think Conor McGregor said it best when referring to Jeremy Stephens at a major press conference: Who the bleep is that guy? I was familiar with Timmy Hill only because he won an iRace.

Landon hasn’t done that!

If you’ve been watching the races at all (1:00 PM Eastern Sundays on FOX), I’m sure Landon’s name will ring a bell. He has 3 top six performances including 4th last week at Talladega.

Landon is a veteran of the game at 30 years of age, though. 324 races in 10 years in the NASCAR Cup Series… One top ten finish… So, Landon and Timmy are specialists. I am cool with that.

On top of placing 4th last week at Talladega, Cassill, along with Garrett Smithley and 2 others competed in a 24-hour race on the German virtual Nurburgring.

Landon had to do a crash course, pardon the pun, for this type of race, and just got his license hours before the race began.

I was just watching an iRace and I couldn’t help but think how much concentration is needed to succeed. The real races can be up to 600 miles of extreme focus. This is even more amazing when you consider how ADD we all have become over the past decade with these smartphones.

Landon has excellent value here at 20 to 1. Let’s throw him in our betting spread for the week.

Corey LaJoie: +2000

Another 20 to 1 guy? Yes!

I know William Byron has led the most laps, won two races, and appears to be the best NASCAR driver in iRacing. Value, though. He is (+200).

LaJoie, who finished a very close second to Alex Bowman last week at Talladega, has betting odds x10 of Byron’s.

Corey also grabbed the pole for the Talladega race and remember, this was his first official start for the NASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series.

First start, pole winner, 2nd place and only lost by .37 seconds! That’s pretty good. Maybe he will climb the power rankings and unseat Willie Byron!

A win this weekend at The Miracle Mile would sure shake things up

The Picks
Timmy Hill
Landon Cassill
Corey LaJoie

In Conclusion

Hey, this is getting pretty fun.

You should really try to catch one of the races. Since NASCAR already had the time slot on FOX, the races will be televised nationally.

How cool was it that we got to see the near half-century-old Jeff Gordon try his hand at iRacing? And how rad was it for Rainbow Warrior haters to see the #24 Chevrolet sent somersaulting through the air and out of the race?

The rad part comes in only because no one was hurt in the process.

Alex Bowman got his first iRacing win last week at Talladega. It was close, though! They needed overtime and he only won by less than half a second.

This week, I wanted to go with iRacing specialists who somehow, still have very profitable betting odds.

Corey LaJoie is the new guy but both Timmy Hill and Landon Cassill have proven they are both threats to win an iRace every week.

Get your bets in now, guys, and enjoy the race on Sunday if you have time!

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