NASCAR Playoffs Betting Picks: Bass Pro Shops Richmond Night Race

As we get ready for the third weekend of the NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs, there is one driver who has had an absolutely fantastic year and he is likely to be eliminated from postseason contention this week at Bristol.

Ryan Blaney currently sits in the 16th spot in the playoff standings.

I know his performances have fallen off in the second half of the season but this is a driver who has 8 top five finishes in 28 starts this year.

He is going to have to outrace 4 drivers this Saturday night under the lights in Thunder Valley.

Ryan appears to be ready, though. He said “I caution those in front of me.”

Overcoming 4 particular cars is quite the task. I thought he might get a push from his team last week but that was a silly bet.

We weren’t on the winner, Brad Keselowski, but we did get Joey Logano for a top three bet for the second week in a row.

Both Team Penske drivers seem to be peaking at the right time.

Brad, of course, won last week’s race.

Here is a quick Radioactive highlight.

We are cutting the playoff field down to 12 this week so we can expect some aggression from several drivers and that will probably lead to a nasty wreck or two.

Bristol is a gnarly track and there isn’t a long list of active drivers who have wins here.

Only 7 drivers in this week’s field have wins at Bristol in the past.

Brad Keselowski stole a win here at Bristol back on Memorial Day Weekend.

What a finish, right!

Blaney was rocking out doing well so I wouldn’t count him out this week.

Chase Elliott couldn’t keep’er straight, though, and he got up into Logano clearing the way for the #2 Mustang of Keselowski to take the checkered for his 3rd career win at Thunder Valley.

BetOnline.AG has the betting odds for us this week. Let’s pick a few drivers to crush Bristol this week and cash some more tickets!

Matt DiBenedetto

Top 3

Value pick here.

This is more of a punt but I think of all the sleepers at Bristol, and there aren’t many, Matty D is our guy.

Matt has been a hard charger all season long and for his entire career as well.

It’s not like he really needs it but he is going to have a lot of motivation at Saturday night’s race under the lights at Bristol.

Matt is currently in 15th place in the playoff standings and he needs to get to the 12th spot currently held by a strong veteran who races Bristol well in Clint Bowyer.

I mentioned Ryan Blaney is right behind him in 16th place.

Of active drivers in this week’s field, only Kyle Busch, and Joey Logano have led more laps at Bristol in the past 10 races than Blaney.

I couldn’t believe that because he has an average finishing position over that period of 20th I think.

Blaney goes for it and he doesn’t mind making mistakes, at least after the fact, so that he can learn from them.

I think him and Matty D are going to be charging hard!

Let’s not forget that one year ago here at Bristol during a night race, Matt DiBenedetto finished runner up to Denny Hamlin but still led more laps than anyone else in the field.

Not everyone can drive at night well.

Martin Truex Jr is great at it.

He has a terrible history at Bristol, though.

DiBenedetto isn’t Martin Truex Jr but 14 to 1 is pretty solid. You’re not gonna get that with Marty even with his weak history here, zero top five finishes in his past 10 starts.

I usually don’t try to punt this far (+1400) but I think his value is great.

Pick: DiBenedetto Top 3

Joey Logano

To Win

Again, great number here.

I love the 9 to 1!

Of active drivers, only Kyle Busch has led more laps here at Bristol over the last 10 races than Logano.

He ranks right up there with Jimmie Johnson and Denny Hamlin in average finishing position.

Denny and Jimmie are 9.0 while Joey is at 9.2.

We rode Ryan Blaney hard in the first half of the year and he earned us some good chinks of cash as he just kept on hitting top three bets for I think it was 3 out of 4 weeks.

They did have him up at (+525) for the top three finishes for a bit but homemade his way down to (+225) or so before he started to struggle.

As I mentioned in the opener, we have hit on Joey Lo as a top three pick for a couple of weeks in a row.

Let’s get him at 9 to 1 to win this thing!

I have already given you the numbers he has on the rest of the drivers here so the bet is justified, for sure.

Pick: Logano to Win

Chase Elliott

To Win

I like this Chase to win bet.

I don’t think it has quite the value that we got with Logano because I have them rated about even to get the win.

Historically, this hasn’t been Kevin Harvick’s best track or Truex’s either and Kyle Busch hasn’t been able to get to victory lane very much at all over the past year and a half or so.

Chase Elliott was on his way to victory earlier this year in Thunder Valley but he got into Joey Lo and took them both out of contention.

I remember the camera shot of Joey having a little chat with Chase and man, Logano is a big guy!

Maybe it’s because he isn’t standing in front of basketball players or the fact that Chase is not a big guy but it was clear who would win in a fistfight.

Sorry, I can’t help it. I teach people how to fight. I’m even telling 5-year-olds that they’re gonna knock people out one day because they have big hands.

Chase is just a little guy but that’s okay. It’s less weight to carry in the car.

Elliott is a driver who has so much freaking talent that he gets better at a track every single time he races there.

I expect an even better Chase Elliott than we saw earlier this year at Bristol.

Pick: Elliott to Win

My Picks
DiBenedetto Top 3
Logano to Win
Elliott to Win

In Conclusion

It’s Bristol, baby!

Thunder Valley never disappoints.

The border town of two states, Virginia and Tennessee, Bristol is home to one of the most infamous race tracks in the history of NASCAR.

It is always more fun at night too!

Let’s go racin’, boys!

We have kind of a strange lineup today.

Please Note:
It isn’t often or maybe ever that I pick Matty DiBenedetto but it’s just a third place thing and he was 2nd here at the previous night race leading more laps than anyone.

So, there!

It’s probably not gonna hit but whatever.

I found some value and I’m taking it to my grave, dang it.

Also, I love Joey Logano here. His betting odds are way better than other comparable picks like Elliott and Keselowski.

I will take it, though, and also take Chase.

He is just a point away from being back in 8th position in the playoff standings so it would behoove him to make a move now rather than later.

Get your bets in directly from this article and remember that the race is this Saturday night!

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