NASCAR Cup Series Picks: Alsco Uniforms 500

Boogity boogity boogity!

I drove past that license plate on a giant Chevy truck yesterday.

It was nice to see.

Then, I got down on myself for not picking a winner on Sunday.

Sure, the Keselowski win came out of nowhere but just like these drivers, we hate to lose.

We had Denny Hamlin and Alex Bowman.

The strategy worked the previous Sunday when we took Hamlin and Harvick to win the first race at Darlington.

I wished we would have stayed on Hamlin for the following Wednesday race on the same track but a lesson was learned that night.

This past Sunday, I knew it was going to be a tough night for us when Denny Hamlin dropped a weighted ballast from his chassis before the first green flag.

He was 7 laps down before he even got started.

Alex Bowman was hanging out around 12th there for a minute until he gambled and only took two tires. This put him in first and the clean air proved to be enough to carry him to a win on the first stage.

Bowman led more laps than anyone so I don’t think it was a bad bet at all especially at (+1600).

The books have adjusted too!

He’s 7 to 1 at the same track Wednesday night.

We “got away” with not picking the recent king of Charlotte, Martin Truex Jr, on Sunday.

I don’t think we can do it again so he may be one of our picks.

Let’s look at the betting odds provided to us by BetOnline.AG and make our predictions for NASCAR’s Cup Series race at Charlotte this Wednesday night.

Martin Truex Jr: +500

I kicked myself in the forehead about 7 times from the time I didn’t pick Martin Truex Jr until the race was over.

He is the man at Charlotte.

There was a new traction compound that was up high in the corners and drivers who originally had this place dialed in like Truex had problems.

By the second half of the race, though, Marty seemed to have figured that out.

Yes, it’s new for everyone but Truex already knew the most advantageous lines to take and it did throw him off for a minute.

He’ll start next to Kevin Harvick in the 8th row on Wednesday night with Kyle Busch and Ryan Blaney behind him.

This race will be shorter but that gives the technician plenty of time to work his way to the front and stay there.

5 to 1 isn’t much, no, but I have seen Marty down at (+350) at tracks he dominates so it could be worse.

We have to put Truex in there.

My Pick
Martin Truex Jr

Erik Jones: +2000

From one Joe Gibbs Racing teammate to the next, Erik Jones also had a very good run on Sunday.

My dad kept telling me he had a great car, drivers were copying his lines and was his sleeper to win.

Erik looked good for sure but I had picked him at Darlington at 18 to 1 in the previous race.

I had to pull against him on Sunday.

He ended up 11th but was flirting around the top five for a while.

He will start in the fifth row next to rookie Cole Custer.

Erik has had a new crew chief over the past two races but has top 11 finishes in each so it doesn’t appear he has lost much.

I suppose that’s why his odds are so far back at 20 to 1. I would expect somewhere around 14 to 1.

His package is fast and in a shorter race, could be the guy to steal a victory.

My Pick
Erik Jones

Alex Bowman: +700

I can’t come off of the 88 here.

We had him on Sunday. He won two stages.

I thought we had a (+1600) winner!

That would have made me so happy for you guys!

We know he’s got a fast car, maybe the fastest, and he showed he is beginning to figure out the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Bowman is a beast, I tell ya! He has the attention to detail of an Air Force drill instructor.

He will be starting in the front row with his teammate Willian Byron.

He doesn’t have great stats here over the years but Sunday was just his 7th appearance at Charlotte.

It appears the young man is learning quite well.

My Pick
Alex Bowman

In Conclusion

I love that Alex is a front row freddy and he will be alongside a teammate as well.

I think he is better tactically than said teammate, William Byron, even though Byron is clearly the video game champ after our brief iRacing season.

I’m staying away from Denny Hamlin because his crew chief is suspended for losing that piece of equipment just before the start of Sunday’s race.

I feel like Chase Elliott is for sure DUE after losing two races in a row he could have won.

At just (+500), though, he is overvalued.

He wasn’t there in the end like Chase, but Alex Bowman still had a more dominant day overall.

If you’re going to only get 5 to 1 for a winner, make it Martin Truex at Charlotte who has an average finishing position of 4.9 over his last 10 races here.

The next best number is north of 11.

He has led nearly twice as many laps as any other driver over those previous 10 races.

And Erik Jones is Erik Jones.

He is racing better now than he was back in February.

The #20 was fast on Sunday.

He’s 20 to 1 on Wednesday. Throw him a few bucks.

I think Joe Gibbs Racing might show out!

Get your bets in now, guys, and enjoy the racing on Wednesday night!

Mike Pruitt / Author

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