2009 NBA Finals MVP Odds

With the 2009 NBA Finals getting underway on Thursday, the NBA Finals MVP Odds have been posted.  To no surprise Kobe Bryant has the best odds of winning the MVP trophy at -300.  It was also easy to predict that the next favorite for the NBA Finals MVP would be Dwight Howard, listed at +300 odds.

For those you don’t understand the betting odds – Placing a $100 on Kobe Bryant to win the 2009 NBA Finals MVP would pay out $133 if he won, or it would take a $300 bet to win $100.  Placing a $100 bet on Dwight Howard to win the MVP trophy would pay out $400.

Of course there are other players that you can bet on to win the 2009 MVP trophy for the NBA Finals, but do they even have a chance?  If the Lakers want to win the NBA Finals this year they will need Kobe to be Kobe, scoring 30+ points per game as usual.  And if the Magic want to win the Championship they will need Dwight Howard to do his “Magic Stuff” on both ends of the court like he has been throughout these NBA playoffs.  Whichever team wins it will be most likely that one of these two players will receive the NBA Finals MVP Trophy, but we can’t count out the other players – in fact betting on one of the other players to win the MVP trophy will pay out a lot more money than picking Kobe or Howard.

2009 NBA Finals MVP Odds:

Kobe Bryant -300
Dwight Howard +300
Pau Gasol +700
Rashard Lewis +1400
Trevor Ariza +1500
Hedo Turkoglu +1600
Lamar Odom +2000
Any Other Player +2000

After looking at the LA Lakers Vegas Odds I am looking to choose two Lakers to win the MVP title.  I will be betting on Kobe Bryant for a safe pick and haven’t decided yet between Pau Gasol and Trevor Ariza. Check out the above 2009 NBA Finals MVP odds and choose which player you think will win the MVP title.  Place you bets on who will win the MVP title at Sportsbook.com and receive a free 100% bonus.

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