Bucks vs. Pacers Pick – April 6th

The Indiana Pacers try to stay in the playoff chase with a vital home game tonight against the Milwaukee Bucks.  Can they get the win they desperately need?

I know there is enough wins and losses in a long wagering season to keep any man or woman plenty humble.  But every so often there is this huge nagging need to let loose a big ole “told you so” and I’m trying to fight it down.  I really am.  I am.

TOLD YOU SO!  Agggg.  Ok, I feel better.

Was there any more humorous storyline brewing in the NBA than the dumb notion that the Celtics were a MORE LIKELY NBA Champion this year than the Cavs?  First off, they aren’t getting THROUGH the Cavs.  Heck, they still have to get TO the Cavs.  And put both of those teams in a series against Golden State.  How big of odds would I have to give you, assuming you are not a Celtics fan and understand “Larry Bird ain’t walking through that door”, in order to bet on Boston?  Ten to one?  Fifteen?  One hundred?

This is NOT an anti-Celtics column.  They are a really good team.  But so is Utah and Washington and Toronto – a few other teams in the same stratosphere.  They aren’t Golden State.  They aren’t San Antonio.  And they really aren’t the Cavaliers.  Last night was a less-than-subtle reminder of that immutable Eastern Conference truth…

Let’s keep the good times rolling tonight and see if we can grab a fourth-straight winner.

Today’s NBA Pick:

Milwaukee Bucks at Indiana Pacers -4.5

It is hard to understate how big this game is for the Indiana Pacers.  They are third in a three-way tie breaker for the seventh and eighth spots in the Playoffs heading into the final four games of the regular season, but more than a playoff berth is on the line for Indy.  Paul George is rumored to be teetering on whether to stay or go – he has already declined a contact extension once and there are a lot of thoughts that making the playoffs will be at the fulcrum of the decision.

How desperate are the Pacers?  Well ,they want their former identity SO badly, that they went and got Lance Stevenson off the scrap heap (love it!).

They have played with fire and urgency lately, and I expect them to do the same tonight.  The smoked Toronto at home two nights ago, darn near beat Cleveland IN Cleveland in overtime, and look to take down the Bucks tonight.  The Pacers are an impressive 27-12 SU at home this season.

Milwaukee is a fifth-worst 16-22 ATS on the road this season and 12-17 ATS as a road underdog, also fifth worst in the NBA.  The Pacers are 21-18 ATS at home and 4-2 ATS in their last six games.  Milwaukee is 2-5 ATS in their last five road contests.

Indiana is too good at home with too much on the line to not bring it all tonight.  I think they win and cover the four-point spread.

Today’s Pick:   INDIANA PACERS -4.5