Cavaliers vs. Celtics Game Two Pick – May 19th

After a dead day in the NBA, the Playoffs resume tonight with a do or die game for the top-seeded Boston Celtics. Sure, they came back from an 0-2 home deficit in Round One, but LeBron ain’t the Chicago Bulls. A loss tonight would be an early death certificate on the Eastern Conference Finals. And with the Western Conference picture looking like it too is already developed, it would be a mighty blow to the NBA and their already pre-set June Finals start date.

SO can Boston save their season (and some ratings points for the NBA??). Or has the King announced his presence early and loudly with great authority?

Game Two is tonight on TNT, let’s dive in with today’s pick.

Today’s NBA Pick:

Game Two – Eastern Conference Finals
Cleveland Cavaliers -5.5 at Boston Celtics

The final meeting between these two convinced me that the Cavaliers had nothing to fear in the East, regardless of home court advantage. The first game of this series convinced me the Cavs won’t lose a game unless the decide to.

LeBron’s last 12 postseason games have been the most brilliant dozen game stretch in the modern three-point era. Past his prime? Please. Best Player on Earth? Check. Making a real run at entering the GOAT conversation? The scale is adding weight every time he takes the floor. A locked in LeBron on the defensive floor gives the Cavaliers so much ridiculous flexibility; he can lock down Isaiah Thomas for crying out loud, let alone erase Kelly Olynyk or Al Horford from the face of the planet. And on the other side of the floor? Did you see the array of defenders Boston ran at The King? It got comical to the point that even LEBRON was laughing (that’s true.)

I imagine Boston got a close enough look at LeBron beating them by scoring, so tonight they will run double teams at him with impunity. Expect a big game from the seemingly endless cast of bench supporting players; Korver, Frye, Williams, JR Smith – someone is going off tonight. Add in the near-certain offensive production from Kyrie and Love and I just don’t see any answers for Boston tonight. The Cavaliers have way better players. It really is that simple. That have WAY better players and no even remote answer for LeBron.

I like Cleveland to handle their business tonight and move to a perfect 10-0 in the postseason.

I’ll eat the five and a half even on the road. Cleveland is locked in and Boston is simply overmatched.


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  1. LeBron still has a ways to go to be considered GOAT. He has 3 championships, still far from Jordan or Kobe (5), not to mention Tim Duncan, the best PF of all time and his 5 titles in 6 tries, including 1-1 against James when the Heat got really lucky to win one. Then you have Bill Russell, the best player of his time and all the titles he won with the Celtics. I actually got to see Russell in action and let me say that he was every bit as dominant as LeBron.

    Then you have to consider LeBron’s jekyll and hyde personality. Laughing the other night in Boston. He’s a frontrunner. I remember when the Spurs were blowing Miami out and he basically quit on the team rather than try to mount a 4th quarter comeback. The others had class. Him not so much.

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