Celtics vs. Cavaliers Game Three Pick – May 21st

Down 0-2 in the series after dropping two home games, losing by a total margin of 61 points, setting new record in Game Two for the largest halftime deficit in NBA Playoff history, and now their best player and All NBA First Team point guard is out for the remainder of the season. The good news is, that season will last only two more days. The Celtics are ironically taking a league-wide season of record levels of winning apathy and forging new territory; becoming the first team to tank AFTER earning the number one pick in the NBA Draft…

I’m not really sure what to say about this series other than, instead of bemoaning how “bad the basketball is” I would urge you to salivate watching the Cavaliers play at such a high level and anticipate how GREAT the basketball will be in just a few weeks… the Finals are going to be incredible. This week’s hoops? Yeah… not so much.

So what to do with tonight’s game??? Can you really lay SEVENTEEN points in a Conference Finals Game? But can you bet against the Cavaliers and their -30.5 ppg differential, especially now that the series shifts to The Q??

Needless to say, when the spreads get to this point, the wagers should be more modest. There is some massive garbage time potential implications tonight…

But here’s my take on tonight’s Game Three in Cleveland.

Today’s NBA Pick:

Eastern Conference Finals – Game Three (Cavs lead 2-0)
Boston Celtics at Cleveland Cavaliers -17

Bet against the Cavaliers at your own peril at this point. They are steamrolling their way through the East and are setting up the very realistic possibility of the greatest NBA Finals in league history. A pair of 12-0 teams squaring off? For the third straight year in the Finals (first time ever) in an epic rubber match?? Insanity.

And as long as the Cavaliers aren’t already in sleep-mode, hibernating until they get to the inevitable, they should crush the I.T.-less Celtics tonight at home. They laid waste to the C’s in Boston and visibly broke their spirit in the first half of Game Two. And now, with Thomas’s hip also “broke” (not literally), it seems completely hopeless to think that Boston can compete tonight.

No one can guard LeBron, and if they double him, his passing is on another level from anyone else in the league. His snap-passes at impossible angles all over the court Friday night were breathtaking, and a big reason the Cavs dropped an insane 71 points in the first half.

I hate laying 17. It’s a college basketball-like Duke vs. UNC Greensboro line, not one worthy of an NBA Conference Finals game. Yet it is hard to see Boston competing tonight. Might they sneak a backdoor garbage cover? Perhaps. But I’ll assume that they massive week-plus layoff coming up after this series will keep the Cavaliers engaged and competing for at least three-plus quarters tonight.


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