Celtics vs. Wizards Game Six Pick – May 12th

There isn’t much to say about last night’s debacle in Houston that isn’t being said on every sports media outlet on Earth. The performance, the EFFORT, from Houston in their 114-75 home series-ending loss was staggering. Harden was awful, the EFFORT was awful, and that will be a tough one to bounce back from for Rockets fans. AND the Spurs got to rest Kawhi. Crazy.

There’s a few games every season that leave jaws on the floor, and last night was the first one of the 2017 postseason for me. I thought the Rockets would win. Vegas thought the Rockets would win. NO ONE thought the Spurs were going to bench Kawhi and win by 39 points on the road…

Could we have another stunner tonight, or will the well-established form of the Wizards and Celtics series hold its shape? No road team has won yet, and Washington is appropriately favored. Can the C’s pull a Spurs tonight, or are we finally going to get a Game Seven worth watching??

Today’s NBA Pick:

Boston Celtics at Washington Wizards -5

This series really has been pretty simple. The home team wins. The home team covers. I tried to get cute and reach for some advanced metrics and use the eye test in Game Five and got my hand promptly slapped. So why get cute tonight?

We can talk numbers, stats, trends, matchups, blah blah blah. But by Game Six, I think all the numbers have been well discussed and established at this point. The Wizards are now 36-11 at home this season including the postseason and are 4-1 ATS in their five postseason home contests.

This series has swung back and forth wildly, and with the exception of Game Two in Boston, the home team has won relatively easy in each game. It is the least-compelling, bitterly-contested close series I can recall. The series is on serve heading into Game Six, the two teams hate each other… and four of the games have still been just meh.

Sadly, I think the trend continues tonight. I think Washington wins by double digits and keeps the home team rolling trend continuing.  The good news, at least we get a Game Seven this round after the miserable disappointment by the Houston Quitters last night…

Isaiah has been contained by Wall and Beal on the road and his supporting cast hasn’t had the same touch outside of Boston. I like it to continue right on script this evening.



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