Clippers vs. Jazz Game Six Pick – April 28th

Both Game Sixes last night resulted in series-ending close-out wins. Three more teams have a shot tonight.  Can anyone deliver us the most exciting thing in professional sports, a Game Seven??

We got the win yesterday with the Spurs handling their business on the road, but as NBA fans, I think we have all lost. There is nothing better than a Game Seven in professional sports, and two opportunities for some weekend magic went sadly by the board. Both Toronto and San Antonio rebounded from sluggish starts to the series to grab close-out wins in the road in Game Six. It was a good reminder of HOW the NBA Playoffs often work – it is all fun and games as the plucky younger underdogs get an win or two, but when it comes time to WIN the series; to close it out and put the final nail in the opponent coffin, things get REAL. For as much as home court means in the NBA and the NBA Playoffs, a lot of series get closed out on the road in Game Six.

We have three more Game Sixes tonight. Will any of them deliver us a nice weekend present? Or will three more teams close out the deal tonight? Boston and Washington would need to similarly win on the road to end matters, while Utah, the lone home team with a chance to close out a series in Six, might have the toughest challenge using the above theory. Not only are they far younger than the Clippers (except for veteran assassin Joe Johnson), the Clippers have some serious “franchise future on the line” urgency tonight.

We grabbed a winner last night, let’s see if we can start a nice weekend run with another one tonight.

Today’s NBA Pick:

Los Angeles Clippers at Utah Jazz -6

Maybe I am going to die hard on the Clippers altar, but I just can’t accept that Chris Paul doesn’t have one last, damned-if-I’m-done effort in him tonight. I’ve written lots already about the metrics and stats with Chris Paul on the floor, teammate-independent brilliance, if CP3 is in the building, you have a chance to win. Then they promptly went out and lost Game Five on their home floor in crushing fashion.

The only thing I will say, is that we were collectively burying this team in the same fashion two years ago when they fell down 3-2 to the vaunted San Antonio Spurs. Most of us remember how that one eventually turned out. So surely there is still some life against a very good Jazz team, but not the 2014 Spurs…

Vegas doesn’t seem to think so. Emotion and sentiment be darned, they want the healthier, fresher, better defensive team playing in their home building. And I can’t say I blame them. But I also can’t say I agree. However, if I am wrong tonight, I will give a HUGE tip of the cap to Jazz Management for the acquisitions of Joe Johnson and George Hill to guide this otherwise very young squad. There is NO WAY they are in the position without those two veterans steadying the ship.

Alas, I’ll ride with the Point God one more time. I am getting big-game CP3 and six points in a must-win, franchise-altering game. I don’t see him getting blown out, even without Blake Griffin in uniform.



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