FanDuel NBA DFS Picks – April 3rd

After a day without daily fantasy basketball action on Monday, it’s back to the grind with a huge 13-game Tuesday night slate. There is a ton to consider on this massive slate, whether it be the top studs, elite values, injuries and/or what teams are actually playing for.

Be sure to stay on top of all the latest NBA news, regardless of who I list in my FanDuel GPP lineup. With that being said, let’s dive into my favorite tourney team for Tuesday night:

PG: Kadeem Allen – Boston Celtics ($3.5k)

The Celtics are in a bad way tonight. Kyrie Irving is still mending a knee injury and both Shane Larkin (illness) and Terry Rozier (ankle) have been ruled out for tonight’s showdown with the Bucks. That is going to force some spares into action for Boston and this game could get ugly.

No matter what happens, I think there’s a decent chance Allen gets a shot at proving himself. I’m not personally enamored with his talent, but he did show some scoring ability in the G-League. This is a big risk, but this is a fat NBA DFS slate and you’re going to want some studs tonight.

Allen might not even be chalky just because he’s relatively unknown and he’ll be such a big risk. I love that.

PG: Tyler Ulis – Phoenix Suns ($4.9k)

It’s back to the Ulis Experiment, it seems.

Elfrid Payton and Devin Booker are both expected to be out again Tuesday, which paints Ulis in a favorable light after he’s topped 30+ minutes in each of his last four games. He’s successfully topped 30+ fantasy points in three of those games, too.

The run and role are there to have Ulis produce at a high level in NBA DFS circles, while a date with a bad Kings team can’t hurt his upside, either.

There seem to be several land mines at point guard tonight. John Wall is tough to trust, while several points guards could be involved in dicey blowouts. Russell Westbrook is probably the only stud I feel bad about fading at the position, but the value deep down at PG might be too good to pass up.

SG: Klay Thompson – Golden State Warriors ($6.4k)

I rarely am enamored with Thompson due to his “score or bust” DFS mentality, but with Curry down, anyone in Golden State is worth a look. His matchup versus the Thunder looks a lot better with Andre Roberson on injured reserve, so I’m willing to take a shot on him here and hope he sounds off.

SG: Tim Hardaway Jr. – New York Knicks ($6.1k)

THJ could be very busy tonight. Not only does he have a great matchup against an Orlando team he’s torched (41 fantasy points per game) this year, but with two scorers in Michael Beasley and Enes Kanter possibly out tonight, his role could be better than ever.

SF: Robert Covington – Philadelphia 76ers ($6.1k)

Ben Simmons will be very popular, but Covey is $3.8k less expensive and is also going to see an expanded role with Joel Embiid (eye) sidelined. The Sixers are still jockeying for playoff position, too, so you know the run and role are both going to be quite appealing.

Add in a date with a bad Nets team and Covey looks like one of the best intermediate options on this entire slate. He’s been playing really well lately (54 fantasy points in his last outing, 32+ in 4 of 5) and could offer strong value based on this price.

SF: Kevin Durant – Golden State Warriors ($10.7k)

Golden State is looking to get into a groove right now, so KD and whatever other starters that are active are going to be interesting plays. Durant has logged 33+ minutes in each of his last two games and the Dubs will be looking to even the season series with the hated Thunder.

Obviously Durant has enormous upside here, both because of the revenge factor against his former squad and also due to Chef Curry being out (knee). I’ll take my chances with KD, who offers a sharp discount compared to LeBron James and The Greek Freak.

PF: Luke Kornet – New York Knicks ($3.6k)

This is purely about saving some cash to beef up this roster elsewhere, but with both Michael Beasley and Enes Kanter possibly out tonight, there could be a lot of extra forward minutes to disperse. Kornet isn’t a gimme play, but he’s been solid when given the chance.

A date with a bad Magic defense only makes this value play even more appealing. Power forward isn’t the best position tonight, either, so I don’t mind taking a dive and hoping a spare like Kornet can return elite value.

If you’re searching for value, Maxi Kleber ($3.7k) is also in play if the Mavs are down a slew of bodies. Nerlens Noel is set to serve a five-game suspension as three of their bigs are iffy for tonight’s showdown with Portland. I honestly am not opposed to pairing these guys if everything shakes out just right, either.

PF: LaMarcus Aldridge – San Antonio Spurs ($9.4k)

Ridge is very expensive right now, but it’s hard to balk too much at his price when he’s topped 40+ fantasy points in seven of his last eight contests. He is what makes the Spurs go right now and they badly need him to keep wrecking if they’re going to hold onto the 4th seed in the Western Conference, let alone make the playoffs.

The Spurs are probably in, but they still need to keep winning games and Ridge going off is their best bet to do so. He gets a nice matchup against the Clippers, who he put up 22 actual points per game across two meetings this year. Ben Simmons is the more obvious play at PF and there are better values, but the fact that Ridge could be a contrarian hammer is quite appealing.

C: Nikola Vucevic – Orlando Magic ($9k)

I wouldn’t mind rostering Nikola Jokic tonight, but he’s at a steep price ($10.7k) at this point and I’m going to hope he hits a wall and fails to meet value. I think Vucevic can still deliver at this inflated price, especially considering he’s wrecked New York (46 fantasy points per game) across three meetings this year.

This is an absolutely loaded slate from top to bottom and I find myself wanting to take every punt play imaginable so I can stack a slew of elites. That being said, I do want a little balance if I can help it and I don’t want to take dives just for the sake of having cheap options on my roster.

Kadeem Allen and Luke Kornet are huge risks, but they actually make a lot of sense. Tyler Ulis has been proving that he’s a logical GPP dart as well. Klay and KD are potentially the benefactors of a good game and increased usage, while THJ and Vucevic just figure to be in a great spot.

Hammering it all home is a guy in Ridge that has not only been elite, but should come in fairly low-owned. Overall, this could be a gem of a GPP roster, provided LeBron James and Russell Westbrook don’t go completely nuts.

Love or hate my NBA DFS picks for tonight? Let me hear it in the comments below!

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  1. I didn’t see your NCAA Championship picks last night, did you give up on college basketball ? Thanks

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