FanDuel NBA DFS Picks – December 6th

Nobody can be too mad about last night’s NBA DFS picks. Tomas Satoransky was a money value pick (albeit chalky), Paul George went absolutely nuts, Aaron Gordon was rock solid and Karl-Anthony Towns was a total monster.

I had a few weak plays (Malik Beasley, anyone?), but if you rolled with my daily fantasy basketball picks you could have been in pretty good shape.

Even so, it was a wild night. I had a few good lineups, but I didn’t win much just because so many players went off. You needed one heck of a lineup just to cash on Wednesday, so hopefully you used my best picks and mixed them in with Curry, Julius Randle, Russell Westbrook and whoever else was out of their mind.

It’s onward and upward come Thursday, where things slow down with a tiny three-game main slate at FanDuel:

PG: Kyrie Irving – Boston Celtics ($9k)

Damian Lillard is the stud of choice, but two of tonight’s three games are in major danger of being blowouts. Dame’s is one and Kyrie’s is the other. I need one of them, though, as they still have two of the best matchups on the board.

Irving has been on fire for a while now and is the better value. That saves me $1.5k to work with elsewhere, although if you drop down to CP3 ($8.1k) I certainly can’t blame you.

PG: Seth Curry – Portland Trail Blazers ($3.5k)

This is a total GPP play and since that’s what we’re all about here, you might as well hear me out. C.J. McCollum is banged up and may not play, while the Blazers should wreck the depleted Suns.

Whether Curry starts and slices up Phoenix or gets tons of garbage time, he’s one of the best tourney darts on this small slate.

I also like De’Anthony Melton if you want to pay up a little more.

Update: McCollum is officially out. This might make Dame more of a priority, but I won’t be changing this lineup. I still like it a lot. That being said, Curry, Lillard and Evan Turner should all be on your radar.

SG: James Harden – Houston Rockets ($11.4k)

Curry also helps me pay up for Harden, who is the top stud on the board tonight. His matchup with the Jazz used to be scary, but they’re not quite as nasty defensively this year and have specifically given up some monster lines to him.

Harden is a must on a tiny three-game slate. You can pay down to Donovan Mitchell here, but I actually like the idea of pairing them to wrap this slate up.

SG: Donovan Mitchell – Utah Jazz ($8.5k)

Mitchell hasn’t been quite as dominant like he was only a year ago, but he’s still a terrific scorer. This is a huge home tilt against a team he’ll surely get up for.

He’s not cheap, but he can drop a 50-burger and I get the feeling you’re going to want these two guys going head to head to close this slate.

SF: Joe Ingles – Utah Jazz ($6.2k)

I’ll also grab Mitchell’s teammates Ingles, who thrives in big moments ands tends to be flat out solid in DFS. He is not an elite option, but he does get up for big games and SF is trash tonight.

Gordon Hayward is a fine pivot as the priciest small forward, but I don’t feel great about him. Ingles may also be called upon more to score with Ricky Rubio enduring the toughest matchup draw (Chris Paul) for Utah.

SF: Mikal Bridges – Phoenix Suns ($4.9k)

You can go in a number of directions at the other SF slot and it’s worth pointing out that Evan Turner is even cheaper. However, the Suns are getting wrecked and I’m guessing they just play their young guys no matter what.

Phoenix got destroyed by the Kings in their last game and Bridges still logged 34 minutes, so my guess is he’s a pretty safe play.

PF: Noah Vonleh – New York Knicks ($5k)

Power forward is not great. Jayson Tatum ($7.1k) is probably the best play, but I’m not a huge fan of his price and he doesn’t do much beyond score the ball.

Vonleh could be awful in a wax job (Celtics are -12.5 favorites), but when he isn’t in foul trouble he gets 30+ minutes. He can rebound and that’s been a weakness for Boston. I’ll throw caution to the wind and try him here.

PF: P.J. Tucker – Houston Rockets ($4.4k)

I’m not fully sold on Tucker’s upside, but he’ll be needed in a battle with the Jazz. He logs 35-40 minutes almost nightly, rebounds well and can hit the outside shot.

He also can chip in with steals and dimes at times. He’s too cheap for his run, but his volatility is understandably a concern. I’m just not enamored with many PF options. You can try to spend up a bit to get Richaun Holmes or Josh Jackson, but we’re splitting hairs here.

C: Deandre Ayyon – Phoenix Suns ($6.7k)

This is a great night for centers. Rudy Gobert ($9.8k) leads the way and is probably a bit too pricey for my liking. He’s still on the table, along with Clint Capela and Jusuf Nurkic.

All of these guys smash, but they’re slightly overpriced. Ayton is too cheap and while his Suns could/should get housed, he could easily get a double-double in three quarters.


I’m trying to cram in as many studs as I can, but that may require sacrificing the center position and not spending up on Lillard. Whatever your strategy is, I don’t know if it’s a great idea to have it include paying up at power forward or small forward.

Those are the worst positions on this slate and I’d do everything I can to price myself down at those spots. This is the lineup I worked my way to, but I get it if you want to roster your favorite stud or don’t want to roll the dice on someone like Seth Curry.

That’s just my team for tonight. Good luck with whatever your final roster ends up looking like and thanks for stopping by!


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