Kyrie Irving and FanDuel’s Top NBA DFS Picks – January 10th

James Harden was not a terrible stud to get behind last night, but Anthony Davis ended up being the guy to pay up for. Blake Griffin also was disappointing, while some of my other NBA DFS picks didn’t really meet expectations.

Tonight brings us a new slate, but I’m honestly already dreading it because FanDuel’s pricing is so bloated. The elite options aren’t priced egregiously, but all of the intermediate or value plays are a little too expensive for my liking.

That makes the NBA DFS lineup building process a bit complicated and may demand some injury news to trickle down before we get the squad we feel comfortable with. Tonight’s slate boasts just four games, too, so things get even harder.

Regardless, I still like several plays, so let’s get to tonight’s favorite NBA DFS lineup for FanDuel tourneys:

PG: Kyrie Irving – Boston Celtics ($8.4k)

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Russell Westbrook is the top point guard on this slate, but he’s on the road against a Spurs team that has played a lot better over the past couple of weeks.

Westbrook himself seems to lack the upside that he’s had in the previous two years, so I don’t feel forced to pay for him. That’s especially a non-issue with a viable Irving sitting here at a discounted price tag.

Irving feels like an elite value for a guy who averages 41 fantasy points per contest on the year. He’s been quiet in his first two games back from an eye issue, but now could be the perfect time for him to pop off a bit.

PG: Jamal Murray – Denver Nuggets ($7.2k)

I’ll snatch up some more value with Murray, who is admittedly very tough to peg, but offers loads of upside. He’s at home against a Clippers defense that has regressed sharply since the start of the year and projects well tonight.

Murray is also cheap and feels like a great pivot away from a slightly over-priced De’Aaron Fox.

Bryn Forbes, Derrick White and Reggie Jackson stand out as solid deep dives, but they’re also all super risky. I’m taking a more balanced approach in building NBA DFS lineups tonight, however, so I’ll be fading those guys.

SG: Malik Beasley – Denver Nuggets ($3.9k)

Gary Harris is questionable with a new injury, so if he’s out you can freely go spare diving with Nuggets guards. Beasley is going to get 20+ minutes if Harris is sidelined and might even start, so at this price he’ll need to be on your radar.

I honestly prefer Monte Morris between the two, but Beasley can be fine and helps me get every other piece I covet tonight. He’s a necessary evil, but if you want Morris you can easily move things around to get there.

Beasley is surprisingly not my punt, so I will need Gary Harris out tonight. Be sure he’s out before committing to this play.

SG: Terrance Ferguson – Oklahoma City Thunder ($3.6k)

Beasley will need to post a passable line, as Turd Ferguson is my true punt and I’m fully preparing for him to be my dropped low score at the end of the night.

That being said, Ferguson has logged 25+ minutes in each of his last three games and even exploded for 14 real points in his last outing. If that gives him a confidence boost perhaps we can get lucky and see him drop another solid line tonight.

If so, this helps my roster out greatly. If not, I’m planning for him to simply provide salary relief anyways.

SF: Danilo Gallinari – Los Angeles Clippers ($7.4k)

Paul George is the top small forward on this slate, but barring a crazy explosion, I’m not sure you need him. He’s almost $10k and hasn’t really been worth that price with under 40 fantasy points in each of his last two contests.

The Spurs are very good at home, so while San Antonio doesn’t specifically have anyone to slow PG-13 down, their team defense and slower pace could impact his upside.

That, and Gallo is a fun pivot that saves you $2.3k tonight. He’s heading back to Denver, so this is some fun “true revenge” to add to the fire. That doesn’t guarantee a thing, but the Nuggets should be without their top perimeter defender and he averages over 32 fantasy points per game.

SF: Justise Winslow – Miami Heat ($6.6k)

I love Winslow, who as assumed point guard duties for Miami and offers triple-double upside in this new role. His actual run isn’t always concrete, but you’re likely looking at 30+ minutes and all of the peripherals in a tense game with the Celtics.

Miami has a shot in this one, as they’re at home and Vegas only has them as +2.5 underdogs. Winslow should be busy here and if he can find his shot he could chase 40+ fantasy points.

Josh Richardson is just $100 less than Winslow and is a great pivot. Dropping down to him could allow you to get Monte Morris, who I discussed in the Malik Beasley blurb.

PF: Tobias Harris – Los Angeles Clippers ($7.6k)

I admittedly prefer the Denver side of this Clippers vs. Nuggets game, but this game is projected to be very high-scoring and should be competitive. Instead of forcing Nikola Jokic in here (I’m already roster two Nuggets), I’ll pay up for my second Clippers option in Harris.

Harris and Gallo are the two top scorers for L.A. and they’re actually reasonably priced given their nice floors and solid upside. These guys can be GPP winners if they sound off and this game offers the setting to do that.

Denver can be very good defensively and they rarely lose at home, but not having Gary Harris would see them take a hit in that department.

Harris is typically very safe, but I love his upside. Blake Griffin was such a waste last night and is $2.4k more expensive. I’ll fade and roster two stable PF options instead.

PF: LaMarcus Aldridge – San Antonio Spurs ($8.1k)

The other rock solid power forward I like is Ridge, who is putting up a healthy 36.8 fantasy points per game. Aldridge has been a little to quiet lately, but he’s a good price and will be needed in this one. Don’t be shocked if you get a blow-up game.

There is value at PF tonight, but it’s not very safe. Marcus Morris, Jayston Tatum and Jerami Grant are all around $6k or cheaper, but I don’t really trust them.

C: Steve Adams – Oklahoma City Thunder ($7.2k)

I am all about Nikola Jokic and Andre Drummond tonight, but they’re not cheap. If I force them or Westbrook into my lineup, things get a lot less balanced in a hurry.

Both are worth spending up for, but Adams feels like another elite value I can’t ignore. The Spurs have typically been very good against centers, but Adams is averaging a solid 35 fantasy points per game and


This is a very interesting slate, as there doesn’t appear to be one stud you “must” roster. I will hear cases for Russell Westbrook or Nikola Jokic, but I think there is merit in simply creating the best team possible.

Tonight feels like a more balanced daily fantasy basketball strategy kind of night and I think by saving in some few spots we get comparable value/upside and also a better overall team.

If you can find the values to open up enough to get those pricey studs, I say go for it. This is just such a small slate, so I’m going to put my best team forward and see if it can’t climb the ladder.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck in your NBA DFS contests tonight!