FanDuel NBA DFS Picks – October 25th

Wednesday night was another great example of why it’s a really good idea to pick your spots when it comes to my daily NBA DFS picks at FanDuel. I’ll obviously sometimes have a gem of a lineup, but the idea here is to smash as many of my favorite picks into one lineup with the hopes of striking it big in a GPP.

If you don’t believe in some of those picks, though, don’t force it.

That Cavs game should have been lit. Instead, Cleveland got housed at home by the Nets and with three guys in that contest, it set me up for failure. I still had some solid picks with Zach LaVine leading the way, but the squad was underwhelming as a whole.

The scenery changes quite a bit with just four games sounding off tonight and it’s a weird one with a lot of viable studs to consider. Let’s see what my favorite lineup looks like for tonight’s action at FanDuel:

PG: Damian Lillard – Portland Trail Blazers ($9.8k)

I’m not paying a premium for Russell Westbrook ($12.5k!) against a good Boston defense. Give me Thrillard against a Magic defense that has shown an inability to stop good point guards thus far.

Lillard hasn’t even truly erupted yet this year, so now’s a pretty good time. Besides, I love the Blazers to win tonight and he’ll surely be a big reason why.

PG: Reggie Jackson – Detroit Pistons ($6.6k)

The Cavs can’t stop anyone and previously allowed Trae Young to drop 35 points on them. Jackson has explosive upside and is at home. I do fear a blowout here – especially with news of Kevin Love being rested – but I think R-Jax and some Pistons can benefit before that happens.

Kyrie Irving doesn’t look like himself right now, so I won’t be paying for him. Lonzo Ball and Jamal Murray are worth a look, but Jackson seems like he could be contrarian and he offers as much upside as them on this slate.

SG: Torrey Craig – Denver Nuggets ($3.8k)

There isn’t much to love about Craig, but he gets some run and will be facing a really bad Lakers defense at home. That just might be enough to make him valuable on a small slate with bad shooting guard options.

SG: Reggie Bullock – Detroit Pistons ($4.7k)

This is the position to save at. Bullock has a great matchup, is at home and is a nice price for a guy who can score and should get solid run. I also like C.J. McCollum here, but he hasn’t really been worth using yet this year and doesn’t do a whole lot beyond score. I’ll double-punt SG tonight and I don’t really have any qualms about doing so.

SF: Paul George – Oklahoma City Thunder ($9k)

LeBron James would be quite the fun late-game hammer, but he’s playing his second game in a row. He’s also on the road against a good Nuggets defense that just held the Warriors to 98 points. I’ll pivot down to PG-13, who has about as much upside these days and is way cheaper.

SF: Lance Stephenson – Los Angeles Lakers ($3.9k)

Larry Nance is in play with Love sitting, but I’ll go cheaper with Born Ready, who went full Bron-mode last night. He is looking at good run and production regardless of how this game in Denver plays out. He’s a free square or he’s a great value play. Either way, I want him.

PF: Paul Millsap – Denver Nuggets ($6.9k)

I want Nikola Jokic just like everyone else, but you need to pick your spots on a tiny slate. This could be a blowout or Denver could try to slow things down. Joker is a great play, but Thrillsap hasn’t exploded yet and is a nice value. Facing the Lakers makes him a lock for me.

PF: Al-Farouq Aminu – Portland Trail Blazers ($5.4k)

I like the Blazers in Orlando and I’ll continue my Portland love with AFA, who has a solid matchup in front of him. I’d love Nance here if FanDuel correctly listed him as a PF option, but AFA will suffice.

C: Andre Drummond – Detroit Pistons ($9.5k)

JaVale McGee is a tough sell going up against Jokic, but both he and Jusuf Nurkic look like solid value plays at center. I’m paying all the way up, though, as it could be the contrarian route with so many other viable studs on the board.

Drummond was weak in his last game, both because he was sick and Blake Griffin went nuts. Against Cleveland’s atrocious defense, I feel like it’s Drummond’s turn to go nuts for Detroit.


The main goal for me is to deliver a balanced team with a lot of high upside plays. I don’t think forcing the top studs allows you to do that tonight. Do I want Russ/Bron/Joker if they’re all going to get 60+? Sure, but I honestly don’t love the spots or prices for James or Westbrook.

That isn’t to say they’re bad plays, but Dame and PG-13 are amazing pivots and Drums instead of Joker or Blake is another amazing pivot. This allows me to get three elite options (in my opinion) and also refrain from restricting the rest of my lineup to the point where I don’t feel comfortable with it.

Your takes and building process can be different, so as always, I encourage you to take stands and simply mix your favorite plays in with the ones I provide that you agree with. Either way, I hope I’ve helped in some way and wish you luck in your NBA DFS contests at FanDuel. Enjoy the games!