FanDuel NBA DFS Playoff Picks – April 24th

Last night’s daily fantasy basketball team was good enough to help you place in most formats. Jeff Teague (7.7 fantasy points) was a total turd, but nobody else I rolled with got under 24.9 fantasy points.

Clint Capela (49), Paul George (42) and Donovan Mitchell (50) were my best plays and they helped offset the need for any elite options. The main difference was not rostering CP3 (55!), while Derrick Rose (26) wound up being one of the best value picks on the slate.

While it wasn’t a perfect lineup, it was a winning one. Hopefully you found a way to avoid Teague and profit either way.

Regardless, it’s back to the drawing board for Tuesday’s three-game NBA DFS slate. Here’s my favorite team for FanDuel tournaments:

PG: Terry Rozier – Boston Celtics ($7.8k)

I don’t really want to use too many Heat players tonight. Bovada and other NBA betting sites project them as -10 underdogs in what should be an easy series-clinching win for the 76ers.

Maybe the Heat put up a fight, but from a betting perspective, the game to stack tonight is a battle at the TD Garden between the Celtics and Bucks. Rozier thrived in games one and two at home, so I expect him to show up again in game five. Something around 35-40 fantasy points is a good goal.

PG: Eric Bledsoe – Milwaukee Bucks ($7.5k)

I’m not sure I necessarily trust Bledsoe, as he’s been really spotty in this series. However, I don’t really want Goran Dragic at $6.3k in a possible blowout. I’ll play the game script angle here and bank on Bleddy having a big outing in a crucial game five setting.

The upside is certainly there with Bledsoe. He looked good in game three and has the peripherals potential to blow up as a DFS contributor. Whether he does or not, he’s the smart play to pair with Rozier on this slate.

SG: Klay Thompson – Golden State Warriors ($6.5k)

Thompson hasn’t been consistently great in the face of a solid Spurs defense, but he and the Dubs have an opportunity to close out their first round series at home tonight. He remains a solid price and he’s actually popped off a bit (31 points in game two) in this matchup.

I don’t know if he has amazing upside in this spot, but he’s a fun try as a late-game hammer and he should also be pretty contrarian. Dwyane Wade could soak up a ton of ownership, both Sixers shooting guard options are in play and I’m sure Khris Middleton and Jaylen Brown will look appealing.

All of those guys are fine, but Thompson should be low-owned so I’ll hope he goes nuts to end the night and those other guys (specifically Wade) underwhelm.

SG: J.J. Redick – Philadelphia 76ers ($5.6k)

I do like the 76ers guards tonight, as they’re at home and will probably continue to find success in this matchup with the Heat. Philly has simply been too much for Miami to keep track of on the outside and Redick has enjoyed two big scoring performances in this series already.

I think he and Marco Belinelli are a wash, but I’m using every last dollar on this team. I’ll go with Redick here with the idea he stays hot to help Philadelphia wrap this series up.

SF: Justise Winslow – Miami Heat ($4.5k)

Josh Richardson has a shoulder injury and could end up being limited or held out tonight. If his minutes are going to be in doubt, I’m jumping all over Winslow, who has played with fire in this series and could be looking at a big role to close things out.

He’s not a safe play, but he’s cheap and can rack up the peripherals. He’s a logical money saver on this small slate.

SF: Jayson Tatum – Boston Celtics ($6.7k)

Fading both Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo is a bold strategy, but I think I can get away with it tonight. Durant simply may not be needed in a home close-out game against the Spurs, while The Greek Freak will hopefully just hover around 40-45 fantasy points like he has in his last two games.

Giannis is still on the road against a good defensive team, so pivoting to Jayson Tatum could be the better move. Tatum has enjoyed some strong outings in this series and with a crucial game five at home, I won’t be shocked to see him match Giannis, step for step.

PF: Jabari Parker – Milwaukee Bucks ($5.2k)

While I’m not down for paying up for The Greek Freak, I do want some Bucks in what should be the game of the night for NBA DFS purposes. That should include Parker, who has stepped up over his last two games, putting up 34+ fantasy points in each.

Role had a lot to do with him fizzling out to start this series, so as long as Milwaukee keeps giving him floor time, there is a lot of value to be had here. Keep an eye on the pending status of big man John Henson (back), though. If he returns tonight, he may end up being the better play at $5.5k between these two Bucks options.

PF: Draymond Green – Golden State Warriors ($8.2k)

Dray remains a solid value, as he’s fared well against the Spurs (42+ fantasy points in three of four games) despite the tough matchup. He’s at home in a likely series finale, so I expect him to bring it. This game probably won’t stay close, but he does enough to potentially get you 35-40 fantasy points in less than four full quarters of work.

Ultimately, I just love the value and upside here. Ben Simmons and LaMarcus Aldridge are tempting, but if all of these guys are at risk of having their nights cut short, why not take the cheaper option via Green?

C: Al Horford – Boston Celtics ($8k)

I’ll snatch up one more body in this Celtics vs. Bucks game that hopefully ends up being an epic clash. Horfy has dominated the Bucks in this series, as they don’t defend inside very well and they also stink at rebounding. That’s helped Horford to 33+ fantasy points three times in this series and with game five going down at the TD Garden, I think he’s in for another big outing.

Joel Embiid is the stud here, but he doesn’t seem to be worth the extra $1.5k in salary right now. The blowout risk is real and Miami has enough bodies to potentially keep him from going nuts.

Overall, I’m targeting the Bucks vs. Celtics game and going balanced here. There are really just four studs worth paying up for on this slate and while they’re tempting, I’m going to pivot off of them and use options that provide better value on the surface.

You can consider paying to use Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, KD or Giannis, but I prefer the balanced approach with the roster you see above. Agree or disagree with my NBA DFS playoff picks? Let me hear it in the comments below. Either way, I wish you luck tonight in your FanDuel contests!


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