FanDuel NBA DFS Playoff Picks – June 8th

I still think the Cavs have some life heading into game four tonight, but that is certainly the first question you’ll have to ask yourself before finalizing your one-game daily fantasy basketball contests at FanDuel.

LeBron James still looks like the top player to own, but the big thing in these games is trying to find a way to have one of the best teams and be contrarian. These games roster just five players and they’re often quite similar to each other across the field, so a lot of ties happen.

You may want to think really outside the box to avoid that and that’s precisely my aim with tonight’s NBA DFS roster:

MVP: LeBron James – Cleveland Cavaliers ($22k)

King James is insane and in an elimination game at home he could vie for 70+ fantasy points. Provided the Cavs don’t get housed, that could equate to over 140 fantasy points. His price could drive his ownership down, but I don’t really care either way.

Whether James is 40% owned or 80% owned, you’re going to want him tonight.

Star: Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors ($15k)

Kevin Durant was the star of game three for the Dubs, but that title seems to change with this team every time out. Stephen Curry looked like the MVP of this series through the first two games and if he wants to finally get that crown, he needs to pop off tonight.

Win or lose, I’m expecting a huge bounce-back game from Chef Curry (1-10 from deep in game three) and he makes for a fine pivot off of KD.

Pro: Kevin Love – Cleveland Cavaliers ($12k)

You can go to KD here or pivot to Draymond Green, but Love has a chance to be less owned when you look at this trio.

He’s actually been great throughout this series when you look at his DFS numbers (37, 41 and 43 fantasy points) and in a huge home game I’d be shocked if he didn’t come up big, yet again.

Util: JaVale McGee – Golden State Warriors ($3k)

McGee can make some really bone-headed plays, but Golden State is throwing him out there for 15-20 minutes in this series.

He’s a high energy guy that can rack up easy buckets, rebounds and blocked shots, so at this low price I don’t mind taking a stab at him.

Util: Rodney Hood – Cleveland Cavaliers ($3k)

Ditto for Hood, who is going to push for 30+ minutes in game four after busting out of a playoff-long slump last game. He may finally have earned Cleveland’s trust and they’ll surely need him to be big if this series is going to last beyond tonight.

What’s the big catch here? This is a two-pronged play. The first is that I’m fading KD, Dray and Klay – all of which could garner some solid ownership. The second is I’m punting at two spots with zero intention of using that extra salary.

Some people will try to stack the top three guys, others will try to balance their roster out and some will even punt with the “no price” guys that never see the floor. Instead of conducting those daily fantasy basketball strategies, I’ll just assemble a lineup I love and go ahead and eat the remaining $5k in salary.

I can see a few DFS gamers eating $1-$2k, but I doubt many people will piece together this exact roster and willingly pass on upgrades.

I can’t be sure if this path leads to big money, but this should be a low-owned roster and it not only boasts three of the best options on the board, but is a fairly strong roster in general.

Whether you plan on rolling this team out with me tonight or not, be sure to be contrarian in some manner. No matter what you do, I wish you luck tonight at FanDuel. Enjoy game four!


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