FanDuel NBA DFS Playoff Picks – May 25th

Friday night offers another fun two-day daily fantasy basketball contest at FanDuel. It starts with a crucial game six situation in Cleveland, where the Cavs will look to fend off the Boston Celtics and force a game seven.

The same thing happens on Saturday, when the Golden State Warriors host the Houston Rockets. They also will be trying to win game six to force a decisive game seven.

It’s pretty simple for me on this slate; I fully expect the Cavs and Dubs to win and force a game seven, so I’m largely riding those two teams. If you disagree and think Houston or Boston are about to dominate or end these series, feel free to pivot as you see fit.

FanDuel also is offering their single game NBA DFS contests where you pick five players. I won’t be building one of those teams as long as there are two-day contests available, but perhaps you can use some of my analysis here to your advantage if that’s the route you take.

Either way, let’s dive into the Fri/Sat daily fantasy basketball slate and see which team may be best for FanDuel GPPs:

PG: Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors ($9.7k)

I’ve been on Curry throughout this series. He hasn’t been insanely amazing, but he’s been rock solid with 40+ fantasy points in four of five games. With the Dubs facing elimination at home on Saturday, he might hand in his best performance of the entire playoffs.

Chris Paul is hurt and at a similar price tag, so he really isn’t an option for me. That might make him super contrarian, but on the road in a game I expect the Rockets to lose, he’s a big roll of the dice.

Terry Rozier is also in a tough spot and while he saves you some money, I don’t think he holds a candle to Chef Curry on this slate.

PG: George Hill – Cleveland Cavaliers ($5k)

The best PG combination for the conference finals has been Curry and CP3, but if Hill can show up like he did in games three and four, I think this is the way to go.

He’s really only been useful at home and Boston’s perimeter defense has been trash on the road. Insert Hill, who should be able to knock down some three balls and hopefully chip in some dimes and steals as well.

SG: J.R. Smith – Cleveland Cavaliers ($3.7k)

You can pick between Smith or Kyle Korver here, but like I’ve said in the past, I prefer Smith’s run. His floor time is a little more reliable and he’s just as capable of getting hot from outside.

He’s been pretty bad throughout this series, but with game six at home, it wouldn’t be that shocking to see him pop off and help Cleveland get a big win.

SG: Klay Thompson – Golden State Warriors ($6.5k)

Thompson logged over 40 minutes in game five, so whatever injury he’s dealing with should be a non-issue. He’s back home in a must-win situation in game six and he’s had some good games in this matchup in the past.

Golden State needs him here and if he can come close to his game one production (40 fantasy points), I think he’d be a big win here. Doubling down on Cavs spare SG options is one option, but the ownership could be split here with Jaylen Brown, Eric Gordon and Marcus Smart also holding some appeal.

Obviously some people will want to pay up for James Harden, too, but he’s been fairly weak in this series so that’s not an option for me.

SF: Kevin Durant – Golden State Warriors ($10.7k)

LeBron James is the preferred play from a raw points perspective, but like I’ve said before, you save about $3k with KD and he brings a nice floor and upside to the table. I expect him to have a huge game on Saturday as the Dubs try to stave off elimination and he makes for an elite pivot off of the pricier King James.

James is worth paying up for if you think he’s destined for one of his 70-burger performances, but I think the rest of the Cavs will need to step up if they’re going to win on Friday. I’m game for pivoting off of James and hoping his teammates deliver.

SF: Gerald Green – Houston Rockets ($3k)

Assuming my logic prevails, this is the pick that could make everything work. Green gets about 15 minutes per game in this series no matter what, but I think there’s a pretty good chance Golden State houses the Rockets in a game they can’t afford to lose. If that happens, Green could be extra busy off the bench in garbage time.

PF: Draymond Green – Golden State Warriors ($8.7k)

I don’t love Marcus Morris at his price and the other value plays at PF tend to be trash. I think paying up at both PF slots makes a lot of sense given the magnitude of these games. Green is part of that, as he recently guaranteed a series win and has to be better with the ball if Golden State is to live up to his words.

He’s actually been great for most of the playoffs and has triple-double upside, so I don’t mind spending up here. No other PF on this slate can match him and using him in lieu of forcing LeBron or Harden onto your roster makes a lot of sense.

PF: Kevin Love – Cleveland Cavaliers ($7.6k)

I highly doubt Green will be contrarian, but Love might be. He has not been great during Cleveland’s playoff run and in three of his five meetings with Boston he’s been painfully average. I still think he’s a good player that could come up huge in a crucial situation, though.

Love can still rebound well and hit the outside shot, so if he gets hot early he could have a big scoring game and play a huge hand in the Cavs forcing a game seven.

C: Aron Baynes – Boston Celtics ($4.7k)

I probably prefer Tristan Thompson here, but I already have four Cleveland players and he’s probably the fifth most useful option (perhaps even 6th behind Korver). Baynes is about as useful for DFS purposes, though, as he’s needed on the floor due to Cleveland’s two big men they roll out there.

Baynes is far from safe, but he could log 22-25 minutes in this one and could chase a double-double. I’m not expecting the world here, but given how weak Clint Capela and Al Horford have been, I can’t justify spending much cash at this position.

A common daily fantasy basketball strategy I’ve employed throughout this series has been fading Harden and King James on the same slate. That usually hasn’t even been that crippling, but my value picks keep burning me.

I’m taking a deep dive with Gerald Green in this one and if the Dubs go nuts like I think they can, I should both benefit from stacking them and also using a Rockets bench guy in a likely blowout.

Overall, I’m just stacking Dubs and Cavs and banking on both teams coming up big on their home floors as they try to keep their respective seasons alive.

Hopefully that leads to a profitable GPP experience when Saturday’s game wraps up. Either way, I wish you luck in your NBA DFS contests. Enjoy the games!


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