FanDuel NBA DFS Preseason Picks – October 3rd

Last night’s NBA DFS picks were pretty solid as a whole. Hassan Whiteside was a total boss, while guys like Kevin Love and Kawhi Leonard mopped up in limited action. Value plays like Jaren Jackson (23) and Collin Sexton (18) were also decent enough.

Depending on the contest you entered, you had a solid shot at placing with the lineup I pieced together. If you made the right pivots, perhaps you even won big.

Wednesday night offers up another fun four-game slate and right away some stud options are taken off the table. Russell Westbrook is for sure out, while Kristaps Porzingis joins him. Giannis Antetokounmpo will play, but has been banged up and could be limited.

Those guys are obviously all easy fades for me and serve as a reminder that you want as much information as you can get when building out preseason daily fantasy basketball lineups. I start piecing these squads together early in the day, so be sure to keep tabs on player news and what coaches plan on doing.

With that, here’s my favorite NBA DFS preseason picks for Wednesday night’s action at FanDuel:

PG: D’Angelo Russell – Brooklyn Nets ($6.7k)

As I write this, I’m preparing to leave $1.5k in salary on the table. I don’t want to do that necessarily, but there are a lot of players on this slate that are already out, have injury concern or may be restricted a bit in their team’s first preseason game.

D’Lo could actually be one of those guys, but I’ll roll the dice with him just because of his upside. He does a good job of getting others involved, but he’s a natural scorer who can make it rain from long range. There’s a decent chance he gets hot in what could be an up tempo showdown with the rival Knicks.

If you want to soak up some of that extra salary I have floating around, consider paying up for Eric Bledsoe ($7.4k).

PG: Jeff Teague – Minnesota Timberwolves ($6.8k)

I also like Teague, who is usually pretty reliable and he also operates under Thibs, who tends to drive his stars into the ground. Derrick Rose is a fine pivot due to everyone playing a bit in the preseason, but Teague could see more run in Minnesota’s second preseason game of the year.

More than that, Jimmy Butler trade rumors are popping these days and he won’t be playing in this game. Teague and everyone else could see a bump because of that, so you’re going to want him in your NBA DFS lineups tonight.

SG: Luke Kennard – Detroit Pistons ($4.1k)

I’m a bit wary of Detroit’s starters in their first preseason game, but Kennard should be good to go as he tries to earn the Piston’s top shooting guard gig. He is no lock to make that happen, but he can create offense for himself and others, so he’ll certainly get a chance to prove himself.

Kennard flashed nice ability late last year, so there’s a chance he could pop off during preseason play.

SG: Donte DiVincenzo – Milwaukee Bucks ($3.5k)

I also really like DiVincenzo, who is a bit of a freak athlete and should get a good amount of run off the bench. The Bucks aren’t going to push Giannis too hard in this game and that might trickle down to their other starters as well. If so, we could see big minutes for an explosive player that few will be on.

Disagree with my shooting guard picks? I can’t exactly blame you, but this is a very weak position. Mario Hezonja, Allen Crabbe and Avery Bradley are some of the better options available tonight, but that’s not really saying anything. You can try them if you’d like, but I’ll just drop down and hope my picks are contrarian/pan out.

SF: Kevin Knox – New York Knicks ($5.1k)

Knox is way too cheap given what he’s shown us through the NBA summer league and his first taste of preseason action.

He’s versatile, explosive and already looking like he’s locked into a starting role. He still needs to solidify that, however, and I think he has a good chance of doing so against a weak Nets defense tonight.

SF: Tobias Harris – Los Angeles Clippers ($7.6k)

Feel free to also consider Paul George ($8.8k) and Khris Middleton ($7.9k) at SF if you want to make good use of the extra money I have floating around. Just keep in mind that PG-13 has not been super healthy and you’ll need to cut some salary out elsewhere to pull off either pivot.

I don’t really want to fade Knox, though, while Harris looked fantastic with the Clippers last year. He seems like a guy that can inexplicably be traded at anytime, but for now it seems like they’re buying him as a franchise cornerstone. I know I would, so I have no qualms about playing him tonight.

PF: Wendell Carter Jr. – Chicago Bulls ($5.3k)

Lauri Markkanen won’t play tonight, so you’re looking at a little extra run for talented rookie big man, Wendell Carter.

He was pretty good this summer and is still trying to carve out some type of role in year one with the Bulls. He might not get it right away, but he has such a high ceiling and it’s the preseason, so he could easily blow up tonight.

PF: Blake Griffin – Detroit Pistons ($8.2k)

Unless we catch wind that the Pistons are limiting their key guys, I’ll pay for Griffin and hope he hands one of his coined stat lines. He is a born play-maker that is always aggressive, so he can fill it up in a hurry. Just be ready to pivot down to some cheaper options in the event he’s out or limited.

C: Karl-Anthony Towns – Minnesota Timberwolves ($11.2k)

Andre Drummond is the top center pivot and there are a few cheap options to consider. I actually love the upside for Boban Marjanovic ($3.5k), but you don’t really need that much extra cash.

I also can’t bypass KAT, who should get good run in his second preseason game and also figures to have a prominent role with Jimmy Butler forcing his way out of town.

Hopefully the price scares people off of KAT and he’s an elite, late-game hammer for me.


I think the salary savings issue can be figured out as the day goes on. News will pour in and at some point you’ll have a pretty good idea of who is for sure out and who is limited. I already love this lineup as it stands and considering its the preseason, cutting loose $1.5k in salary isn’t that big of a risk.

Again, there are a lot of guys who are simply off limits on this slate, so the pricing becomes less of an issue. Feel free to try to force in guys like Paul George, Khris Middleton and/or Eric Bledsoe. You’d use up that extra cash in a hurry by doing so, but I don’t know if they’re for sure better plays than D’Lo/Teague/Knox/Harris.

Hopefully I help you in some manner tonight. Just remember to trust your guy and keep tabs on any players with questionable situations. Good luck and enjoy the games!