FanDuel NBA DFS Preseason Picks – October 5th

Last night’s NBA DFS picks didn’t work out as planned. Brandon Ingram (55 fantasy points!) was a great play and I had some solid value picks, but KOQ didn’t register a single point and Chris Paul was a turd. I also didn’t roster T.J. Leaf or Victor Oladipo and of course they both went nuts.

It’s on to the next one, as Friday hands out a nice seven-game daily fantasy basketball slate at FanDuel. Here are some of my favorite NBA DFS preseason picks as I try to piece together a winning lineup for tournaments:

PG: Derrick Rose – Minnesota Timberwolves ($3.9k)

John Wall and Damian Lillard are on the table if they actually get run tonight, but I don’t think we need to go there. D-Rose has been getting good preseason minutes with Jimmy Butler out due to trade talks and he’s actually looked solid.

If coach Thibs is priming him for a key role going forward, I can see the minutes stay put for tonight. He’s an elite value if that’s the case, while Dennis Schroder ($5.3k) will probably be the chalky play at the point tonight.

PG: Quinn Cook – Golden State Warriors ($3.5k)

Stephen Curry won’t play tonight, so Cook could start the last game of this slate and see solid run. The Dubs are tough to trust during the preseason, but Cook isn’t a key starter. I wouldn’t be shocked if he played quite a bit and ended up being one of the top value plays on the night. Tyler Ulis is less talented but is also worth a look using similar logic.

SG: Jrue Holiday – New Orleans Pelicans ($8.3k)

The Pelicans could hand their studs a bit more run tonight. If so, Jrue is a must for me against the Knicks. Shooting guard is awful tonight and I don’t see anyone else worth paying up for.

If he’s out or will have his minutes limited, I’d just double-punt SG on this slate. Lonnie Walker and Kevin Heurter are two rookies worth a look if we catch wind they’ll play and get decent run.

SG: Luke Kennard – Detroit Pistons ($4.1k)

Kennard is one of my favorite SG punts. He wasn’t great the last time I used him, but he’s shown flashes of scoring and play-making ability. He’s trying to earn a spot in the rotation for this season, so it stands to reason Detroit would give him more than the 17 minutes he saw in his last outing.

SF: Paul George – Oklahoma City Thunder ($8.8k)

PG-13 is slated to make his preseason debut. With no Russell Westbrook around, that could make for NBA DFS gold. Kevin Durant is the top SF talent on the board, but the Warriors don’t give their top guys much run. George is the pick between the two, assuming he isn’t randomly scratched or severely restricted.

SF: Kevin Knox – New York Knicks ($5.1k)

Small forward is pretty loaded tonight, but I’m really only looking at Josh Jackson and Kevin Knox at the second SF slot. Both are viable, but Knox has looked great since being drafted by New York. His numbers didn’t reflect that in his second preseason game, though, so here’s to hoping people will shy away from him tonight.

PF: Anthony Davis – New Orleans Pelicans ($12k)

The Brow is a lock for me if the Pels are getting anything close to normal run tonight. He can put up as good of numbers as anyone even if he’s limited, so if he’s out there I don’t know how I’ll fade him. I do have interest in Blake Griffin if he’s starting, however. I’d probably try to pair the two rather the pivot, though.

PF: DeAndre Ayton – Phoenix Suns ($7.2k)

This is probably where I’ll use Griffin if he starts. That being said, it’s going to be awfully difficult to fade Ayton, who looked like a total monster in his preseason debut. Tyson Chandler possibly suiting up and Ayton potentially being an inconsistent rookie can complicate this. Pairing Ayton and an active Griffin is another option – especially if Davis is out.

C: Hassan Whiteside – Miami Heat ($6.9k)

I’ve vouched for Whiteside twice in the preseason and he’s been great both times. I’ll go right back to the well, as he’ll face a Dwight Howard-less Wiz squad and he has been fantastic so far. Miami clearly wants him to succeed, while the Heat will also be without several bodies. Unless I hear he’s out or limited, Hassanity is a lock for me.

There are quite a few center options to consider tonight. KAT leads the way but is super pricey, while I also have interest in Jusuf Nurkic and Enes Kanter. I’ll likely settle with Whiteside, who remains an elite value given his price and recent production.


I’m pushing my preseason NBA DFS picks out early so you can get a head start on your lineup building process. Like always, keep in mind that preseason daily fantasy basketball is crazy fluid and that player news is crucial to piecing together competitive lineups.

There seems to be a lot of value on this slate, but if the stars are going to start getting regular run, you’ll want to roster as many as possible. I have quite a few here in my FanDuel lineup, but I’ll gladly pay down for some balance if the player news can help me out.

Hopefully my NBA DFS picks helps you in some way tonight. Either way, I wish you luck. Enjoy the games!