FanDuel NBA DFS Preseason Picks – October 9th

Things quiet down in the land of preseason daily fantasy basketball on Tuesday night, as NBA DFS fans only get a two-game schedule to work with. You can attack this slate from an individual game basis or just roll with the two-game slate at FanDuel.

I will be opting for the latter and probably using a stars/scrubs approach, assuming the top stars for these games actually suit up. I’ll also be pushing this lineup through early in the day, so as always, be sure to keep tabs on player injuries and inactives.

It would not at all be shocking to see the Bucks rest some guys after they played solid minutes over the weekend, while the Clippers and Nuggets have some veterans they could take it easy on as well. OKC will for sure be without Russell Westbrook and it’s not crazy to think they could sit or limit Paul George or Steven Adams, either.

That being side, I’m going with the information that’s out there right now and building the best lineup possible. Let’s get to it:

Update: Bucks are resting their starters.

PG: Dennis Schroder – Oklahoma City Thunder ($5.3k)

Let me start off by saying you are going to be able to get whatever roster you want tonight. Not only is this a small two-game slate, but with all of the main Bucks stars ruled out already, you will have all of the money to spend as you please.

Russell Westbrook being out also saves cash and points you to Schroder, assuming we don’t hear he’s out or limited.

PG: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander – Los Angeles Clippers ($3.9k)

Schroder will be uber chalk, so consider differentiating your NBA DFS preseason lineup at the second point guard slot. I’m not exactly sure SGA will necessarily be low-owned here, but the options are limited after Schroder. Gilgeous-Alexander has been great all summer and so far in the preseason, so he’s a logical second option.

If Patrick Beverley is going to start and get run he makes sense, while it’s possible Matthew Dellavedova gets a lot of run tonight. I’m pretty much exclusively pairing SGA and Schroder tonight, however.

SG: Will Barton – Denver Nuggets ($6.9k)

Barton is a lock for me if he is going to get run and that goes for the rest of the top Nuggets options. Jamal Murray and Lou Williams are both fine pivots or pairing options at SG tonight as well.

I prefer Barton of the lot, as he has nice scoring upside and can also rebound and set his teammates up. That isn’t to say Murray and Sweet Lou can’t do the same, but he feels safer and has just as much upside as the other two.

SG: Donte DiVincenzo – Milwaukee Bucks ($3.5k)

If there were a lot of studs on a bigger slate tonight, I reckon Donte would garner high ownership to help people save cash. I can’t imagine he will be, though, unless we get news early that guys like Lou, Barton and/or Murray are out or limited.

I am going contrarian here and paying the minimum for DiVincenzo, who is an explosive athlete and figures to get a ton of run as a key piece to Milwaukee’s offensive puzzle tonight. He’s risky, but the Bucks probably want to see what they have in him and the top starters being out clears out a huge role for him tonight.

SF: Tobias Harris – Los Angeles Clippers ($7.6k)

My SG punt is probably going to keep my lineup different than most, so I’ll eat the chalk at SF. Tobias Harris is a lock for me provided he doesn’t get scratched, as he’s just so versatile. Danilo Gallinari is a contrarian pivot off of him, but he’s not the better play in my opinion.

SF: Paul George – Oklahoma City Thunder ($8.8k)

PG-13 is another chalky lock, assuming he starts and is scheduled to get solid run. No Westbrook gives him a huge role to work with, so as long as he’s out there he’s bound to rack up fantasy numbers. He’s going to be high-owned if active, but if you want to get super contrarian consider paying down for Gallo.

If PG-13 sits, Tyler Lydon and Jerami Grant are also mildly appealing.

PF: Paul Millsap – Denver Nuggets ($6.7k)

Trey Lyles also stands out to me here, but let’s hope Denver doesn’t follow Milwaukee here and actually plays their tops guys. If they do, I don’t see a way around rostering Trillsap, who is the priciest PF on the board at FanDuel tonight.

PF: Montrezl Harrell – Los Angeles Clippers ($3.8k)

You can pair Lyles with his teammate, but I’ll just drop down to Harrell, who could get some solid run off the bench. Power forward is not loaded on this slate, but Christian Wood and Patrick Patterson are two other guys to give a long, hard look. I especially am into Wood if he draws the start with Brook Lopez resting.

C: Nikola Jokic – Denver Nuggets ($9.9k)

Provided he’s out there, I’m not getting cute at center. Joker is the best option by a mile and with Giannis out, he’s easily the top option as a whole, too. He’s my top center and it’s not close, but if he’s out or you just want to get creative, dropping to Steven Adams isn’t the worst idea.

I actually would just go deeper and consider Boban Marjanovic, Mason Plumlee or Nerlens Noel. The latter two really look appealing if Jokic or Adams take a breather tonight.


It all starts with the Bucks news, as this slate gets weird in a hurry based on price alone. This is the team I like for now, but if you hear anything about the other teams sitting guys out, feel free to adjust with some of the pivots I suggested.

Also, remember that FanDuel does not have late swap in their lineups, so be sure to soak up all of the information you can to create your rosters. Take it two Twitter and look around for any news you can get. As things stand, the Bucks are the only team to really deliver any big news, but it’s pretty early in the day.

Whatever you do, I wish you luck tonight. Enjoy the games!