FanDuel NBA Picks – February 8th

I had some solid NBA DFS picks in theory on Wednesday night, but any success my roster enjoyed was quickly undercut by a really weird situation in New Orleans where rain postponed the game.

This brought back horrifying memories of that Timberwolves vs. Spurs game in Mexico City back in 2013.

It’s not a good feeling.

Fortunately FanDuel was really cool about it and cancelled all of my entries from last night, so I didn’t have to absorb the defeats. That wasted game (and slate) aside, I did still deliver some solid daily fantasy basketball picks.

Dejounte Murray was a fine play (26) despite getting hurt in a terrible blowout, while guys like Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge were worth building around, as I’d hoped. I wasn’t on Andre Drummond, but it’s impossible to know if paying down to Myles Turner was a good choice or not.

The only other picks that even played last night (due to the cancelled game) were Andrew Wiggins and Stanley Johnson. SJ had a sweet 19-3-2-1 line and Wiggins at least topped 20 fantasy points. T.J. Warren was another guy I loved and he was dreadful (16 fantasy points) despite a prime spot at home with Devin Booker out.

It was a pretty disappointing night, all things considered, but I’m back at it again on a six-game Thursday night. Let’s dive in and see what my favorite lineup is for GPPs at FanDuel:

PG: Kyrie Irving – Boston Celtics ($8k)

Irving will be playing in his second game since returning from a quad issue, but he should be fine to see his regular run. He didn’t last time, but that probably had to do more with Boston getting housed in Toronto. I don’t see that happening again tonight, so Irving quickly shoots up as one of the top overall values due to his price.

Point guard is certainly loaded tonight, but I don’t feel the need to splurge. Irving is capable of massive outings and he’s actually been slightly more dialed in on the road this year. Not having to deal with John Wall’s defense will be helpful, too, and I think he hits 40+ fantasy points in what should be a really fun and competitive game.

PG: Dennis Schroder – Atlanta Hawks ($7.5k)

I’m also looking at Kemba Walker and Kyle Lowry in the same price range, but Walker is on the road against a solid Blazers defense and Lowry’s Raptors could murder the Knicks into oblivion.

I still will try them in other lineups, but my preferred partner to pair with Kyrie is Schroder. You’ll want to keep tabs on the latest NBA trade deadline whispers, but if Schroder isn’t moved, he should retain a solid role against a terrible Magic defense.

Orlando specifically struggles against lead guards and Schroder has averaged over 40 fantasy points against the Magic across two meetings this year. He’s also fresh off of a nice 39-point fantasy outing, so provided he doesn’t get traded, he’s one of my favorite plays on this slate.

SG: Bradley Beal – Washington Wizards ($8.6k)

DeMar DeRozan also offers value as a high level shooting guard option, but I won’t pay up for Raptors these days. They keep blowing everyone out, after all. I don’t think the Wizards and Celtics are going to provide DFS gamers with a blowout, while Beal has a massive workload with John Wall sidelined.

Beal can drop a dud at a moment’s notice, but he’s largely been fantastic with his enhanced usage. That’s led him to 44+ fantasy points in 4 of his last 5 games and I’ll bet he meets that mark again tonight. Boston’s defense can be stingy, but he has volume on his side and actually put up 40 fantasy points against them earlier this year already.

SG: Klay Thompson – Golden State Warriors ($6.5k)

There is actually a lot to like at shooting guard tonight, so be sure to keep your options open. I personally love Klay, who has torched the Mavs to the tune of 23 actual points per game across three meetings this year. The blowout risk is real, but Thompson should still return solid value in this spot and is a fine bet for 35-40 fantasy points tonight.

If you don’t love Thompson, consider pivoting to C.J. McCollum, Nicolas Batum or Evan Fournier. Fournier has the best matchup, but the revenge factor and solid recent form has Batum shaping up as my third favorite SG option (behind Brad and Klay) on this slate.

SF: Michael Beasley – New York Knicks ($6.2k)

I’m playing with fire, but I have the need for Beas just because Kristaps Porzingis is done for the year with a torn ACL. I won’t go crazy with Knicks tonight in a likely blowout loss versus Toronto, but somebody has to score for them. Beasley fires at will and has excelled when handed a big role.

I’m not sure he gets to play four quarters, but he did replace the injured Unicorn in New York’s last game, so he looks like the next guy up. I wish he were cheaper and had a better matchup, but he feels like necessary chalk at small forward tonight.

SF: Mario Hezonja – Orlando Magic ($5.4k)

Super Mario is again a popular value pick tonight, as Aaron Gordon and Nikola Vucevic both remain out. Jonathon Simmons was the star for Orlando last time out, but he’s impossible to trust and he’s also questionable tonight with an ankle issue.

That has me looking at Hezonja, who is still a good price and has a dream matchup against the hapless Hawks. I wouldn’t mind paying up for Kevin Durant or PG-13 to close things out, but I’m not sure they’re necessary on this slate.

PF: Draymond Green – Golden State Warriors ($8.3k)

If I don’t pay up at a SF spot, I can grab Dray, who is truly the only remotely reliable power forward option tonight. Green had a dental procedure recently, but is otherwise listed as probable to face Dallas. This is a good matchup on paper for Green, who has put up 40 fantasy points per game in two meetings with the Mavs.

PF is truly an awful position tonight, so I’m very open to the idea of punting at both slots. That being said, Dray gives you the floor and ceiling nobody else at the position can on this slate.

PF: John Collins – Atlanta Hawks ($5.2k)

I don’t love the idea of spending up for the volatile Markieff Morris, so I’ll drop down at the second spot and grab John Collins. Atlanta figures to be active in trades up until the deadline today and something tells me Collins could finally top 30+ minutes tonight for the first time in a while.

Collins already has a nice 22-25 minute role, but he’s too talented to be held back for much longer. Even better, he gets a sweet date with a bad Magic defense and could return elite value on this slate.

C: Kyle O’Quinn – New York Knicks ($4k)

Oh, boy. I’m taking a deep dive here and rostering two Knicks in a pretty ugly spot on the road, but I also can’t bypass KOQ with what should be a huge role.

The Knicks traded away Willy Hernangomez, aren’t playing Joakim Noah, lost Zinger to injury and won’t have Enes Kanter tonight. All of the yikes, right? Yeah, so O’Quinn might log 30+ minutes no matter what happens.

I don’t love his talent, but he actually can do a great job with peripherals. He’s also dirt cheap and could be quite chalky, so the risk feels minimal. On top of all of this, the center position is utter trash tonight. Dwight Howard is worth a look up top, but otherwise I feel the need to drop down significantly.

There’s also Jusuf Nurkic, who is cheap and is a guy I seemingly always have interest in. He’ll at least be needed out there to help contain Dwight, so there could be some upside to be had with him.