FanDuel NBA Picks For November 3rd

Tuesday brought us a small slate with few options, but we made good on most of them. Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry and Jusuf Nurkic were all worth paying for, while Kyle Kuzma was a fantastic value pick.

Lonzo Ball failed us horribly on a night where Curry and Damian Lillard were ultimately the only truly viable point guards. Brook Lopez also randomly played way more than usual, which hurt our Julius Randle value pick. Evan Turner also inexplicably did not get more run in the wake of an Al-Farouq Aminu injury and he also failed to deliver.

It was still a solid overall team, but we just missed cashing on a night where we needed to be borderline perfect.

Friday opens things back up to a massive 12-game NBA DFS slate, so we have plenty of outs to consider. Let’s dive in and see what the best team is that we can come away with at FanDuel:

PG: Mike James – Phoenix Suns ($5k)

Despite there being a ton of games, there really isn’t that much palatable value. I think James does offer us that, though, as he’s starting and pushing for 30 minutes a night right now. His matchup with the New York Knicks is winnable and he’s been aggressive as a scorer and distributor. If we’re shooting for 30+ fantasy points, that’s not unrealistic in this spot.

PG: Dennis Schroder – Atlanta Hawks ($8k)

Schroder has been banged up, but he has a massive role with the Hawks. That’s allowed for him to play 30+ minutes in every single game and he has not at all been shy about hoisting, which has helped him score 20+ actual points in every game this year, save for one.

Atlanta might get housed by the Rockets tonight, but Schroder has a great individual matchup with Houston guards that don’t defend. He also shoots at will, so provided the volume remains, he feels like a safe play with immense upside.

SG: D’Angelo Russell – Brooklyn Nets ($7.5k)

I can’t miss out on D’Lo’s return to Los Angeles. This is a revenge game if I’ve ever seen one and Russell has already busted out twice for the Nets. Make it a third in tonight’s night cap.

SG: Eric Gordon – Houston Rockets ($6.4k)

I do fear a blowout in this game, but I still want exposure to the Rockets, who should go nuts against a weak Hawks defense. Gordon is most certainly a big reason why, as he’s scoring over 24 points per game with Chris Paul (knee) sidelined. That should only continue tonight, which makes Gordon a mild value play at a solid price tag.

SF: T.J. Warren – Phoenix Suns ($6.2k)

Warren went off for 40 points in his last outing, so it’s probably safe to say he’s going to keep getting solid run and will be shooting with confidence. That alone makes me like him in a solid matchup with the Knicks, but he still offers value and upside at this price regardless.

SF: Paul George – Oklahoma City Thunder ($7.6k)

PG-13 is one of my favorite stars on this slate, as he’s not priced for his upside and he can get us away from over-paying for elites like Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James. George has a fun date with the Boston Celtics, who have an efficient defense but by the numbers don’t stop elite small forwards. This isn’t the easiest of matchups, but it might also be a bit overrated.

PF: Ryan Anderson – Houston Rockets ($4.8k)

Rando thrives on the road as a shooter and we can exploit that (as well as this low price tag) in a potential shootout with the Hawks. This game is probably leaning more towards a blowout win for Houston, but I still think Anderson gets his. The Hawks are not a tough defense and really don’t have anyone to silence him on the perimeter.

PF: Lauri Markkanen – Chicago Bulls ($6.8k)

I originally wanted Melo or a more expensive stud here, but I’m not so sure that’s necessary. Markkanen is still a good price for the role, safety and upside we get with him. Blowout or not, Chicago is playing their young guys so they can develop and we are seeing the young big man growing in confidence. He poured in a career high 25 points in his last outing and has yet to truly fail yet during his rookie campaign.

C: Nikola Vucevic – Orlando Magic ($7.5k)

I’m seeing a ton of intermediate value I want to soak up on this slate and the last piece to the puzzle is Vuc, who people might be off of thanks to a down game against Memphis. He gets a better matchup against the Bulls and if we can get a guy with his upside at a low price (and low ownership) I think we need to pounce.

This lineup is void of any true stud, but on a huge 12-game slate, I don’t know if we need to take those big risks. Getting a Russ, Giannis, Boogie or Brow is going to cost an arm and a leg and at the moment there just isn’t enough value to survive it. Perhaps injuries open things up before lineups lock tonight, but right now I love this balanced approach for tourneys.