FanDuel NBA Picks For November 7th

Monday brought us a small three-game slate that delivered mixed results. We nailed one big pick with Jayson Tatum (41 fantasy points!), while the likes of Mike James, D’Angelo Russell, Dennis Schroder and DeMarre Carroll all worked out.

Luke Babbitt was fine for his price, while Devin Booker was a little spare and Hassan Whiteside was a failure due to getting benched after just 16 minutes. It was a touch and go night, but the Whiteside benching probably burned us in the end. Tuesday brings a big 10-game slate to the table, so we have many more options to consider. Let’s dive in:

PG: Darren Collison – Indiana Pacers ($6k)

Collison comes in at a solid price for a guy who gets 30+ minutes and gives us a shot at 30-35 fantasy points every time out. He also gets a solid matchup tonight against a shaky Pelicans defense in what could be a fun, high-scoring affair.

PG: Kemba Walker – Charlotte Hornets ($7.4k)

I most certainly have interest in paying up for Russell Westbrook at just $10.2k on this slate, but I’m not so sure we need him. Collison can approach 40 fantasy points if all goes well and Walker should be able to deliver similar results in a positive showdown with the Knicks. Walker has a tendency to show up big at the MSG, too, while we get him at a solid price tonight.

SG: Gary Harris – Denver Nuggets ($5.7k)

Harris can be risky beyond his scoring, but he’s a good price and gives us nice exposure to a matchup with the Brooklyn Nets. This game figures to be up tempo and high-scoring, so there’s a chance we could get a big effort out of Harris on the cheap.

SG: Jeremy Lamb – Charlotte Hornets ($5.9k)

Tim Hardaway Jr. is also tempting in this spot, but Lamb is a fantastic rebounder and has been doing a good job of meeting value all year. His price has come down a bit and he’s now feeling like a steal with both Nicolas Batum and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist out.

SF: Paul George – Oklahoma City Thunder ($7.8k)

PG-13 is another intermediate value pick on this slate, as he’s not even $8k and gives us a solid shot at 40-45 fantasy points. Paying up at SF does make sense, but if George meets expectations, he may be part of making that unnecessary. George gets a plus matchup with a bad Kings team, so on paper he’ll come in with a high ceiling.

SF: Harrison Barnes – Dallas Mavericks ($6.2k)

Small forward is surely the place to pay up tonight, but I think I prefer a more balanced lineup if we can get it. Barnes could be part of that process, as he gets good run and will go up against the Wizards in D.C. Dallas is in a tough spot here, but at least this matchup could push the pace and get Barnes a little more production than usual.

PF: Blake Griffin – Los Angeles Clippers ($8.4k)

Griffin might be one of the top studs on Tuesday’s main slate just because he’s such a nice price. We get a guy with 50+ upside at a bit of a discount, while Griffin has been pretty steady all year. His matchup with a good Spurs defense isn’t necessarily ideal, but he has the potential to crush his value tonight.

PF: Carmelo Anthony – Oklahoma City Thunder ($6.9k)

Melo comes in at a super nice price and gets a plus matchup with the Kings. Anthony has been a very steady scorer throughout his OKC tenure and is a borderline lock for 33-35 fantasy points these days. In such a nice matchup, Melo is a feasible bet for 40+ fantasy points.

C: Marcin Gortat – Washington Wizards ($5.6)

Unless we’re paying up for Boogie, tonight feels like a good time to drop down at center. I like the value and potential upside with Gortat, who double-doubled in his last outing and could get more scoring chances if John Wall (shoulder) misses a second straight game. Gortat can crush this price tag with or without Wall and has a winnable matchup against Dallas.