Hawks vs. Nets NBA Pick – October 22nd

The Milwaukee Bucks bounced back behind a “put me in the MVP discussion NOW” performance from their young exploding superstar, Giannis, in a 113-110 win against the Portland Trailblazers. Odds are, most of you pushed yesterday as the consensus line was -3, but if you line shopped and got in a 3.5, you stole a gift from the gambling gods. I look at it as a balancing of the scales for the two tough losses I took to open the season… alas, I hope you got a winner yesterday.

The bigger story though is the jaw-dropping career-high 44 points on 17 of 23 shooting. Speculation that the Greek Freak is ready to take over the NBA weren’t exaggerated. He is a LEGIT MVP candidate and visibly LOOKS like the evolution of the sport. Oh, and he is TWENTY TWO YEARS OLD.

Elsewhere, do we start the “what’s wrong with the Dubs” talk yet, or do we give them time to lose a third game first?? They’ve been underwhelming in all three of their games en route to a 1-2 start, and (small sample size, I know) they currently rank 26th in the NBA in Defensive Efficiency, a stat they generally dominate. If that doesn’t say “bored” I don’t know what does.

Until both Draymond gets on the court, and we see some flicker of intensity from the defending champs, I’d advise approaching any Golden State wager with a little bit of caution.

It’s a light slate with just three games, but if you have NBA League Pass, the 7pm Thunder at Minny game should be a really good watch…

Today’s NBA Pick:

Atlanta Hawks at Brooklyn Nets -2

Oh hide my burning eyes! I’m not telling you to WATCH this game. I simply like the line the best of the three available options. I lean Lakers at home – I still have a feeling this team will be a little better than people think in 2017, and especially by 2018. But the interior duo of Davis and Boogie is a bit much for the Lakers. That one could go either way. Ditto for the Thunder and Wolves. OKC laying four at home seems about right. And for poor Minny, at least they are getting to find out what they are made of early with games at San Antonio and Oklahoma City to start the season.

Back to business. The Nets look like they can score some points. They are averaging a blistering 128.5 points per contest and are fourth in the NBA in offensive efficiency. Of course they are LAST in defense, so, still the Nets. Meanwhile Atlanta is 1-1, and I think today is the last time they see .500 this season. They aren’t deep and they aren’t particularly good on either side of the ball. Brooklyn will make them look decent on offense tonight, but not enough for them to win on the road.

I’ll take the Nets to keep blistering the nets and to get the win at home with a relatively modest line of just -2.

Today’s NBA Pick: BROOKLYN NETS -2

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