Hawks vs. Pacers Pick – April 12th

Ok.  Deep breath.

So, if the Golden State vs. San Antonio Spurs “who cares about the one seed and ABC Primetime and a week’s worth of Little John promos, let’s bench EVERYONE” debacle was a double-middle finger to the NBA fans and the Regular Season, than the Brooklyn NETS benching players to REST, despite it being the final game of the season is the equivalent of the NBA morphing into an octopus and magically growing hands on each of the eight tentacles only to have six extra middle fingers to fly in everyone’s face.

Can we fast-forward to Saturday PLEASE.  I care about hoops, but am starting to feel a little silly about it…

That said, MAN, tonight DOES matter.

The Pacers, Heat and Bulls play tonight, and the first two BETTER win as the Crooklyn Nets are offering up a freebie to the Bulls.  Who punches their playoff ticket tonight, and more importantly, can we cash in another NBA winner to close out the regular season??

Today’s NBA Pick:

Atlanta Hawks at Indiana Pacers -14

Sigh… the Hawks aren’t trying, but the Pacers WILL try, desperately.  Hence the absurd 14-point line (grab another octopus tentacle for ESPN and tonight’s broadcast, by the way…).  It’s hard to bet against the Pacers tonight, and I imagine they will keep the foot to the pedal no matter what as tonight is literally a potentially franchise-defining game; both in terms of their playoff future and the likelihood of being able to continue to retain the services of Paul George.  They are going to win.

But by 14?  Who knows.  That’s a college-like spread for any non-Warriors game, so I am out.

But I do think there are going to be some disgusting offensive possessions tonight which makes the 199 total feel way way too high.  I see this one settling in the 180’s at best and I think this could be a pretty stress-free winner tonight.

Assuming the Pacers win, they will slot into the seventh seed and get the boobie-prize of the slumping Cavs – when for months, one assumed #7 equaled Celtics, and a CHANCE to advance.  Either way, it is playoffs or bust for the Indiana Pacers, so expect at least one team to go all-out tonight.

Again, I’ll stay off the total line and instead bank on some ugliness from the limited Hawks this evening.

Today’s NBA Pick:  POINT TOTAL UNDER 199