NBA Picks and Predictions Dec 25 Christmas Day Heat Lakers

Christmas Day five-peat is upon us and I don’t know about ya’ll but I will be sneaking into the TV room every chance I get. All of the games are great match ups and I will look into all, thank you TiVo. But most fans will be taking in the Miami v. Lakers which is obvious.

NBA Betting Picks for Saturday, December 25th:

Chicago Bulls @ New York Knicks – New York took advantage of the Bulls still being without Carlos Boozer in early November. It was a race to see who could score 120 first and NY took it to the Bulls offensively. I can see the Knicks gang rebounding and crashing the glass, even if Taj Gibson gives it a go, the rebounding effort is going to be lopsided at best, with all of the three-pointers attempted and big rebounds coming off. It took Washington’s Andray Blatche having one of the worst games of recent memory, hitting just 3 of 14 and having four costly turnovers for the Bulls to come out on top visiting DC in their last game. Although at a neutral site and all members intact for CHI, I would put my money on them in a heartbeat, but time and place for this one negates the pick.

Free Pick KNICKS -1.5 at -105

Boston Celtics @ Orlando Magic – Boston has the team to make noise in the East and continues to win and is now at 14 straight, so I am sorry no game of theirs should give them points as of now. Orlando and Boston both faced the Atlanta Hawks in their last five, The Magic lost to the Hawks by ten and the C’s won by 12 at home. These teams met in the East final last season and we all know what happened as you remember the Celtics in game seven with the Lakers. Expected is that both O’Neal’s are in and Rondo is out, good for defense and bad for offense. Injury concerns in ORL’s backcourt shouldn’t limit things with Gilbert Arenas able and willing to take the reigns. Surely Orlando cannot stop a combined 24 game winning streak of Boston and San Antonio combined? They blew out the Spurs in Florida, but this is another steep task and if they can pull this one of, it will show that they can come together as a unit and play the right way and at least covet and protect, home court. I am just not sure they can with a bad match up if there is one for Superman.

Free Pick CELTICS +2 at -105

Denver Nuggets @ Oklahoma City Thunder – With Carmelo Anthony’s unfortunate situation the Nuggets are getting a close up look at life without their superstar, a fact that may become true sooner than later. The Nugs looked renewed with Kenyon Martin back in the fold and continue to come up with ways and a mindset of doing what it takes to win. Denver is however a horrid team on the road, winning just four of thirteen. DEN might be winning still of late, but they are picking their spots and matching up well against opposition in transition and rebuilding mode. Giving up a touchdown, Kmart and Smith starting brings energy, but can they last against a crack Western Conference team that has identical records on the road and coming home at 10-5 respectively. The Thunder are at a similar spot and will hopefully show their prowess with Green, Durant and Westbrook showing why they are playing on Christmas day 2010.

Free Pick – THUNDER +1 at -105

Unable to ascertain the spread to Portland and Golden State, the game being in the Bay gives the Warriors a fighting chance. Although we have no official pick on Lakers/Heat game, try the HEAT +2.5! Merry Christmas!

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