NBA Picks and Predictions for December 15th

Eleven games in the NBA that offers up so many intriguing stories and most come to mind, just by seeing the two teams slated. Divisional rivals in the Atlantic? Also Cavs take untalented to South Beach. Rocket-Thunder into OKC in an underrated match up and the late night, if 9:30pm ET is considered late, TBs in the big D. We went 2-1 last night and my free picks are at 7-2 the last three nights… and just calculated 30-12 over my last 42 picks!

NBA Betting Picks for Wednesday, December 15th:

Chicago Bulls @ Toronto Raptors – Toronto at times, can play with the big boys and lose to some bad teams. I think this is a spot where they can compete and now with Jerryd Bayless running the show, this team can match up much better at the defensive end. Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose play hard and the minor injuries are piling up. These two will always play unless forced to sit, but it is no better time to rely on their newest acquisition, Carlos Boozer to grab hold of this team offensively. But due to the fact of everyone standing and watching while D-Rose cuts through the D at will. It may become stagnant and borderline bad without Rose playing significant minutes. In Chicago’s last away game they only beat the Cavs by five! At home they are blowing out the mediocre competition. Leandro Barbosa is the X-factor in this one; if he can play backup point and surge some Raptor runs, this one will be close until the end.

Free Pick RAPTORS +5.5 at -105

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Los Angeles Lakers @ Indiana Pacers – With this being the Lakers fifth straight road game and a back to back no less, look for a slower start as the Lakers try to continue winning on the road, in one of their weaker trips. In losing to their only real competition on the trip at Chicago, beating LAC, Nets and the Wiz, thus far is a good sign for us. The Pacers last two wins have come at home in their previous five games, heading home after losing three on the road, each one being worse than the preceding. The big issue in this one, is Danny Granger ready to go? All sources are saying yes, he will play in and it would be the only way I’d recommend this pick. Watching Chicago fight against Indy Monday showed that this team is good, but need that finisher and DG has always been that guy since his sophomore year.

Free Pick PACERS +4.5 at -105

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Miami Heat– In a pick, I don’t usually offer, unless I am posting on some slack NCAA-D.II school versus a top 25 program. I am going with the monster spread; if you witnessed LBJ destroy the heart and soul of the Cavs in Cleveland, what would make them play better in a hostile crowd? Before the King visited, CLE was playing decently well and was eyeing the eighth and final playoff spot in the East. Now they are just looking for their next win! The only way I see this game not covering is if ‘MV3’ is benched early and the Cavaliers make a run late to salvage some pride. LeBron has been stated as saying and I am paraphrasing, it will be another special game and he will not relent and stay away from talking with the visiting bench, a fact that showed Cleveland to be mentally weak. On December 2nd James went for 38 points in less than three quarters, Wade was as close to a triple double as you can get and the final score was 118-90, we only need 17!

Free Pick – HEAT -17 at -105

Is CP3 done ripping the Hornets? Can they cover against the Kings? Phoenix in a bonus pick should roll the T-Wolves and can Portland start to win on the road, against tough competition?

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