NBA Picks and Predictions for February 26th

While the whole world is abuzz about Carmelo and Derron Williams, the Celtics tear-inducing trade of Kendrick Perkins, and the other shuffling of talent, the best story in the NBA might actually be a player who hasn’t; and isn’t, going anywhere.

Derrick Rose might have solidified his first-ever NBA MVP Award with his dominant performance two nights ago in the Bulls win over LeBron, Wade, and the Miami Heat. No players other than LeBron (who is now 1-8 against the NBA’s elite teams) and Dwight Howard (who is the only one rowing on the sinking Magic ship) can even bring enough stats + wins to the table to be in the argument.

And as illustrated in the above parentheticals, it’s getting more difficult every Heat and Magic loss to make a compelling argument for Rose’s competition. At just two games back in the East, the Bulls still have a realistic shot at the #1 seed for the Playoffs – something Bulls fans haven’t even dreamed of since the days of Michael.

Derrick Rose may not be Michael Jordan, but even by another name, he is starting to smell as sweet.

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Today’s Free NBA Picks:

Chicago Bulls -3.5 @ Milwaukee Bucks

Suffice it to say no one is ‘Fearing the Deer’ this year. The Bucks looked like an emerging young team to be reckoned with last year, especially after the seven-game scare they put in the Hawks in the first round of the Playoffs. However, this year has been a large disappointment fir Milwaukee and their fans.

The Bucks enter the game losers of 9 of their last 12, including losses to Washingto, Detroit and the Clippers. The biggest problem has been a familiar one – the Bucks can’t shoot. It’s been even worse against the Bulls. Their effective shooting percentage of under 45% ranks 30th in the league. That’s pretty ugly.

Meanwhile, the Bulls have been simply great, and have looked like a team that could realistically represent the East in the NBA Finals. They have won 11 of 14, including wins over the Heat, Spurs, Jazz and Hornets in the last two weeks. That’s about as impressive a two-week span as anyone in the Association has put together all season.

It’s hard to imagine that the Bucks are the team that are going to derail the Bulls Express. I like Chicago and Mr. Rose continuing the league domination tonight in Milwaukee.

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Boston Celtics -7 @ Los Angeles Clippers

I know it’s blaspheming the now-great Blake Girffin to say this, but the Clippers really stink. They do. They are a bad basketball team. They are 19th in offense, 19th in defense, in the bottom ten in the league in point differential and come into tonight’s game with a 35% winning percentage.

All of those things are really bad. Yet the media coverage of every Blake Griffin alley-oop would lead one to believe they were good for a few rounds in Playoffs. I think some of that though process has crept into some of the Clippers lines as well, as some “dumb” money has trickled in their way.

The Clippers have only covered twice in their last ten games. Tonight they play against a healthy and rested Celtics team who leads the NBA in both points allowed and defensive FG%. That’s a tough recipe for a team who just dealt away one of their primary ballhandlers (Baron Davis) two days ago.

Sorry Blake, the Celtics are the obvious play here.

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