NBA Picks and Predictions for February 28th

Even if you don’t love the NBA there is nothing not to love about Kevin Love. If that sounds like a whole lot of love, then you know exactly how the Warriors felt, watching helplessly as Kevin Love went simply berserk, scoring 37 points and grabbing a ridiculous 23 boards. The Timberwolves have no chance of making the Playoffs this year, but they certainly look to have a nice cornerstone to build around for the future.

For all the talk of the NBA’s premier talent migrating East, much of it here on this very site by yours truly, ‘all the talent’ might be a little extreme. It is true that some of the familiar All-Star faces have headed back east; Carmelo, Amare’, Darron Williams, but there is more than an ample supply of young talent emerging to fill that void.

Blake Griffin is probably the most marketable star in the NBA right now with ‘Blake-Mania’ gripping fans and advertisers alike, but he is by no means the only burgeoning star. Kevin Love has been incredible, but it is Michael Beasley who is leading the team in scoring. And how about in Golden State? Monte Ellis, Steph Curry and Dorrell Wright might be the best young backcourt in the NBA.

In the short-run, it is still Kobe’s world and everyone else is playing in it, but the next wave of premier talent is waiting on deck, and starting to get a little antsy.

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Today’s Free NBA Picks:

Boston Celtics -4 @ Utah Jazz

The Celtics opened the second half of the season with a couple of tricky road game out West. Not only did they win them both, they won them both (over Golden State and the Clippers) with relative ease. Even the potential distraction of the trade of very popular teammate Kendrick Perkins couldn’t make this veteran Celtics team blink.

Boston can sense the finish line, and is also playing with a seemingly keen sense that they may not have too many runs left in the collective gas tank.

Utah on the other hand FINALLY got Coach Tyrone Corbin his first win two nights ago, snapping their five-game losing streak. However, the Jazz have still lost eight of their last eleven, and half of that stretch was before they shipped away franchise point guard Darron Williams.

These two have split their season series the past five seasons, so seeing as the C’s took the first meeting, history says the Jazz should be in pretty good shape at home. Of course, history also tells us that trading a future hall-of-fame-caliber point guard for a slightly above average one and a struggling big man with great “upside” tends to derail a franchise pretty quickly. Throw in the Jerry Sloan debacle, and the situation in Utah is just far too messy to catch a team like Boston sleeping. The Celtics know the Heat and Bulls are closely nipping at their heels and that there is little room for off-games.

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Phoenix Suns -1.5 @ New Jersey Nets

I’m going to keep backing the Suns until Steve Nash and company give me a reason not to. They sure haven’t of late, going 3-0 since the All Star break and 4-1 over their past five. The Suns can still score, and in truth, their defense is not nearly as bereft as it is noted as. Their 105.2 points per game rank fourth in the league.

Meanwhile, the Nets won’t ever be accused of being a team full of defensive stoppers. Their 105.1 points allowed ranks 25th in the league, and to complicate matters further, their dreadful 92.7 points per game scored ranks them dead last in the NBA.

So how on Earth is this only a one and a half point line?? I am not sure either. I like Darron Williams as much as the next guy, but this Nets team is still miles away from respectability. Getting the red-hot Suns at a bargain basement price of -1.5 is too good to pass up. Gimme the Suns covering easily in Jersey.

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