NBA Picks and Predictions for November 24th

Eleven games in the NBA tonight set to tip with the Heat in Orlando to try and get their sorry road record to .500 and Dallas entering into Oklahoma to weather the storm. Also can the Hornets play a different tune when visiting Utah after a puzzling loss in Clipperville? These are the marquee games going on and all are must sees for any NBA fan, picks below.

NBA Betting Picks for Wednesday, November 24th:

San Antonio Spurs @ Minnesota Timberwolves – 12-1 and 5-0 on the road, need I say more? The reasons for gambling on the Spurs lately have been massive and without a loss in nearly a month they continue to roll. To beat Utah and OKC on the road shows that they can beat people away from home. Minnesota can only beat the Clippers and had no chance against the Lakers as shown previously. Minnesota is gathering some nice pieces, but is unable to consistently put it all together. This pick is based upon a sample size growing weekly and when both of these teams faced the Thunder on the road, the Spurs won by 13. The Wolves lost by ten, there inlays the reasoning for this pick.

Free Pick SPURS -6 at -143

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Dallas Mavericks @ Oklahoma City Thunder – The line-makers in Vegas are not looking at the recent history of these two teams when they set the spread for this game tonight. Dallas and Dirk have dominated the Thunder and KD has not fared well against the Mavs. The Thunder however are poised and in a spot that warrants the pick tonight. OKC has won five straight against some good teams, going to Boston and Utah procuring victories. Dallas just played last night and was in tough against a determined Pistons squad that pushed them to the brink and made Nowitzki take control and show his shot-making ability in clutch moments. Dallas being an older team will be in an even tougher dogfight as City tries in inflict punishment on their defense. I would rather be getting points with this match up, but I believe in KD.

Free Pick THUNDER -4 at -105

New Orleans Hornets @ Utah Jazz – The Hornets are hopeful after a loss to the lowly Clippers that they can right the ship after three close victories in close concession. In a match up of point guards, Chris Paul tries to regroup his team and post better numbers than his 12 pt, 6 ast performance against LAC. Deron Williams and the Jazz are surprisingly losing at an alarming rate, but as they get Al Jefferson acclimated and Memo Okur back they try to soldier through with a completely new starting frontcourt. New Orleans at 11-2 have had both their losses on the road and considered now as a top NBA team. The Utah Jazz have struggled against the top tier in the NBA. The bench may be key for Utah as Williams hasn’t scored or shot well in the two previous contests. Hornets have lost the last three consecutive to Mormon city, but CP3 was M.I.A.

Free Pick – JAZZ -3 at -105

Milwaukee is hitting the Cavs at the right time; can New York take out the Cats again? Toronto should 86 the Sixers and finally, magician’s choice to dampen the Heat!

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