NBA Picks and Predictions November 3rd

Do not miss the massive amount of games in the NBA tonight! Twelve games to commence, starting with the 7 o’clocks and three late at 10:30pm ET. For November 3rd the enticing match ups are Milwaukee trying to show that they can play with the big boys and face Boston who is undefeated at home. The surprising Hornets that are 3-0 and with Yao back the Rockets are 0-3, things will even out I am sure. Dallas, Denver is only one of two games featuring teams with winning records to face one another; the other is the late game with Lakers at ‘Sactown’. Three FREE NBA posted picks daily, brought to you by the author of the 2010 World Series for which he predicted the winner and total, perfectly in games two, three and four.

NBA Predictions and Free Picks November 3rd:

Detroit Pistons @ Atlanta Hawks – Atlanta is the only 4-0 team in the East and has done damage on the road. The Pistons have not and at 0-4 the patience of fans seems to be subsiding as they continue to hold onto their part-time players in Gordon, Hamilton and Villanueva all for which are overpaid, under worked and who have underperformed. Detroit has lost the last two by ten or more and it may end up close to the number at the end. It is not a question of the Hawks winning, but by how much?

Free Pick – HAWKS -10.5 at -110

New Orleans Hornets @ Houston Rockets – The Hornets have beaten three playoff teams in obtaining their 3-0 record. The Rockets have gone 0-3 and face two tough tests and a high scoring affair that was a tough loss. But when I first saw this number I thought it was a joke. We just don’t know yet if these Hornets can sustain this effort and play out of their heads. NWO won three of four from the Rockets last year and that was without CP3 for two, David West picked up the load. The total would seem high, but with the poor defense of HOU, I’m leaving that alone.

Free Pick – HORNETS +5 at -110

LA Lakers @ Sacramento Kings – With the Kings going 3-1 the line is nicely put for us at five. Sacramento has beaten the bottom feeders that do not have a closer. Minnesota, Toronto, New Jersey and Cleveland are not steep competition this year and should show against the Lakers. The young members for the Kings are foul-prone and unbelievably immature. They take not just plays, but quarters off. That is until Coach/Father-figure cracks the whip and then they muster up the strength to make a run.

Free Pick – LAKERS -5 at -110

Tonight and Friday both boast 12-game-skeds. which gives us ample opportunities to find the good prices. I have found at least two for the third and am excited to see how these ones end up. Plus they’re a great number of games to see tonight and I’ve featured some in the introduction to this post. See you for the jump and happy NBA betting, good luck.

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