NBA Predictions and Odds for 2010-2011 Season

The NBA Season is set to tip at 7:30pm ET tonight! With the newly formed Miami Heat visiting the Boston Celtics, a rivalry to begin as the old three, take on the 2010 UFA three. In what should be a great match up or a realization that Boston no longer can play with the big boys and only intimidate the under-talented younger teams.

They’re two late games with Phoenix and the softer side including Hedo Turkoglu that should feel lucky to hit the .500 level this year at Portland who is still trying to get healthy and seems to be trading or releasing the injured just to get healthier (Bayless & Pendergraph). The 10:30pm ET start sees Houston with their big name back as a part-timer and a solid if yet unspectacular group that can do the job versus the Champs. LA Lakers are hoping to be able to stave off injuries and have Kobe and Andrew Bynum for when they finish the season.

The Boston Celtics look like the only contender in the Atlantic adding Shaquille O’Neal and Jermaine O’Neal. The Central a little deeper with Chicago and Milwaukee to do good things this year. The Southeast is by far the deepest in the East as Miami, Orlando and Atlanta take shape but I see Charlotte taking a step back.

Utah, Portland and OKC are all staples in the Northwest division with the uncertainty in Denver and Carmelo Anthony, they are either a playoff squad or a lottery team without Melo. The Lakers are the only apparent team to take the Pacific with the Suns win total getting closer to forty. Probably the most undecided on paper has got to be the Southwest group with the aging Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs. But Houston and Memphis look to build and come back stronger this year and go over the .500 level.


Miami Heat +160
Los Angeles Lakers +250
Boston Celtics +800
Orlando Magic +900

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In the East you have to look at Boston, Miami an maybe Orlando. The emphasis should be put on team, the Miami Heat are a good team who haven’t ever played together. Boston is an aging team that settles for what they think they still can do. Orlando is stuck in their style and cannot beat the elite teams in the East in a seven gamer. So I am taking the Chicago Bulls with the acquisition of Carlos Boozer the team has already been set and been together for years. Joakim Noah, Luol Deng and Derrick Rose all love to play with one another and it shows as they regroup quickly after obstacles. Plus the new additions feel real comfortable as they have dubbed the trio ‘the Chicago Jazz’ adding sharpshooter Kyle Korver and adamant swing defender Ronnie Brewer.

The Utah Jazz are my up-an comer this year and may only finish in the top five, but will do damage in this years playoffs with the inside out game of the Jefferson-Okur connection, it should be fun to watch once again with D.Will and AK47. But alas the Western Conference Championship still runs through ‘LaLaLand’ and they may not win sixty, with injuries but they will be unbeatable in the playoffs once again. The Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers to meet up in the West with the Lakers heading to the finals and taking yet another title as the Miami Heat continue to grow and emulate the Purple and Yellow.

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