Nuggets vs. Rockets Pick – NBA March 19th

It’s easy for the NBA to get overshadowed for a few days due to all the March Madness and collegiate buzz. But the NBA did (certainly non-premeditated when the schedule was made) put an interesting best foot forward last night with the two top teams in the NBA’s respective conferences – Golden State and Atlanta, tussling in the Bay. The result was a little anti-climactic as the Warriors rolled with relative ease, but it was still an interesting litmus test game that showed; one, the Warriors are the better team, and two, the Hawks look very vulnerable as the top seed in the East with LeBron lurking close by (remember the Bulls four years ago, the Pacers last year, etc.).

It’s a pretty light slate of NBA action tonight with just four games on tap and the best game probably New Orleans at Phoenix (unless you are DVR’ing Minnesota at the Knicks!). But that doesn’t mean we can’t snap up an NBA winner while we are feasting on college hoops tourney action.

Today’s Free Pick:

Denver Nuggets at Houston Rockets -7

Denver has been an interesting team over the last month. We had the tank-tastic, we-hate-out-coach Nuggets who were chanting a countdown until the official end of the season as a way to break huddles (never a good look), we have had the Nuggets who lost seven straight games, five by double digits with loss to juggernauts like the Nets, Jazz and Bucks. And most recently we have the Nuggets who had won four straight games before “resting” three top players in their most recent loss to Memphis. I get resting players for many teams. I don’t like it, but I get it. But what in the hell are the Nuggets resting players for, a run at a summer league title??

Aside from Monday’s no-show, they not just won four straight games, the knocked off the Hawks, Warriors and won at New Orleans.

Bizarre month, right?

But tonight they go on the road against a team that is fighting for playoff position and is relatively well rested and at home. The Nuggets have been an interesting late-season fighter for a week, but I can’t see this play continuing with the relatively limited roster they trot out against a top four team in the West and potential MVP James Harden.

As long as Houston comes to play, they should handle their business tonight. I’m not letting five days of competence erase the memory of a complete season of the exact opposite from Denver and get suckered into betting on them on the road.

Free Pick: Houston Rockets -7