Raptors vs. Heat Pick – March 11th

Rest or a double middle-finger to the NBA?  Can it be both?  Can we also include “double middle finger to ABC, the television audience, the NBA trying to compete with college basketball March Madness, and everyone who has been WAITING for this damn game since November?!??”

Are you still psyched for some Spurs vs. Warriors?  Can we “turn down for” no Kawhi, no KD, no Steph, no Klay, Dray or Iggy.  Likely no Tony Parker.  Unless they trot out Chris Mullin and David Robinson, I want a refund!

I get it.  The Warriors have been on the road seven of their last eight games, they are banged up and sputtering, ne, leaking, all over the NBA Audubon.  But is there a little gamesmanship here as well?  Not wanting to show their hand against the Spurs this early in a game they fear/think they will likely lose anyway thanks to the malevolent NBA scheduling overlords??

Regardless of the outcome of tonight’s game, we already know the loser: NBA Fans.

Alas, we got a W last night as the Pacers continued their bizarre home/away Jekyll and Hyde act.  Let’s see if we can get one more tonight (and no, not picking the Spurs/Dubs game.  BOOOOOOO!)

Today’s NBA Pick:

Toronto Raptors at Miami Heat -5

I’m man enough to admit when I am wrong.  The Heat are legit, and I have NO IDEA HOW they are doing what they are doing but Deion Waiters is an All-Star, dudes everywhere are reigning in three pointers, and over the last two months the Heat are literally the BEST TEAM IN THE NBA.  Better than the Spurs.  Better than the Warriors.  And let’s not even talk about the Cavs and a certain person of interest to many Miami Heat fans…

Lines are starting to catch up, but we can still get a pretty good value with the Heat tonight.  They are only laying five despite winning 20 of their last 24 games overall and going 12-1 ATS in their last 13 home games.  They are doing things that would impress us if they had championship pedigree – things THAT outstanding – and the fact they are coming from a team that looked like they could get the first pick in the draft with a little (mis)fortune back in December makes it all the more insane.

Meanwhile, Toronto mad a splashy move to acquire Serge Ibaka, but it has been offset with the injury to Lowry and the Raps are still sputtering towards that nebulous “middle of the pack purgatory” of NBA hell.  They are 6-4 in their last ten games and 4-6 ATS and currently reside in fourth place in the East.   Over the same stretch that the Heat are 20-4, the Raps are 11-14.

I’m in.  The Heat are good.  Accept the new reality and move forward, right?  And the new reality is, I can get the, gasp, best, team in the NBA at home against a struggling outfit without their All-Star point guard and only lay five points in the process.

Today’s Pick:  Miami Heat -5

Chris Scheeren / Author