Raptors vs Wizards Pick NBA – April 24th

I got on a plane from Houston to Austin and the Warriors were down 13 points late and looking like a 2-1 series was about to get pretty interesting. I landed just in time to watch the “ohmygodholycrap!” Steph Curry shot to force overtime and absolutely rip the hearts out of the Pelicans’ chests. This series was never going to go NOLA’s way, but it is now officially O-V-E-R. And WOW. That was one of the best comebacks I can recall in recent playoff memory and were a perfect nightcap to a fantastic night of basketball. That game was so incredible that the double-overtime game between the Bulls and Bucks barely registered on the collective sports landscape.

There are three more games tonight, but THE game is San Antonio heading home to play the Clippers in a pivotal Game Three. Who will handle the short rest and quick turnaround more effectively; the already thin-bench of the Clipps or the aging and possibly injured (Tony Parker) Spurs?

Let’s see if we can grab a third straight playoff winner tonight.

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Today’s Free Pick:

Toronto Raptors at Washington Wizards -4.5

The Raptors burnt me bad for one of my only two playoff pick losses so far this postseason. But I promise, this isn’t a spite comment, it is an honest, obvious observation. This team is DONE. Like, stick a fork in the Raptors, they are done. The heartless effort in Game Two, on their home floor nonetheless leads me to the dangerous proclamation that this series is over. And I think tonight will feel like a series that is over as well.

Perhaps the Wizards are simply peaking at the right time. Afterall, they were thought to be a leigitimate Eastern Conference contender about three months ago. They certainly have the pieces and the talent, and perhaps they are putting it all together.

Or perhaps the Raptors are just beat up. Lowry hasn’t seemed right and DeRozan missed a ton of time this year. Add in the fact that the Wizards backcourt is young and gifted and the Wiz frontcourt is FAR superior, and I guess it shouldn’t be as big of a surprise that the Wizards have the upper hand in this series. I just expected more fight from Toronto at home.

I like the Wizards to back up Game Twos domination with another good performance, and to get a little momentum bump from being at home. Toronto should come out throwing haymakers, knowing for all intents and purposes, their season is do-or-die tonight, but I just don’t see them getting up off the mat.

Free Pick: Washington Wizards -4.5