Rockets vs. Spurs Game Five Pick – May 9th

We notched another easy NBA winner last night with the Golden State Warriors continuing their historic pace and remaining steadfastly on the inevitable collision course with the Cleveland Cavaliers for an unprecedented NBA Finals rubber match. And while the Cavaliers winning has an impressive “switch has been flipped” quality to it, the Warriors is equally impressive for its casual ease. The Warriors haven’t really played “great” yet, but still have yet to be threatened. They are winning games without playing anything CLOSE to their best game. They are missing shots. They are a little less interested than one might expect in May, and they are missing their coach. But man are they winning games, and that two-for-one they executed in the final 38 seconds of the first half was just a thing of absolute beauty…

Despite it all, they are STILL 8-0 in the postseason and, yawwwwwnnnn, now waiting for the Rockets or Spurs to arrive next week.

Speaking of which, who will be arriving? The series is knotted at two games apiece with the pivotal Game Five tonight on the Riverwalk. Both teams have already won on the other team’s floor and both have blowout out the other in routine fashion. So, what to expect tonight? Will the normal “win at home” order of NBA postseason be restored, or will the wackiest series on the 2017 postseason continue on its meandering course??

Today’s NBA Pick:

Houston Rockets at San Antonio Spurs -5

Despite the turbulence in this series, it is still generally an unwise move to bet against the favored home team in an NBA series. Especially in Games 5 or 7. And for me, though every pick in this series comes with some trepidation, the correct play is pretty obvious.

San Antonio seems to be just fine without Tony Parker. And in a meaner, more cynical way, despite some flashes of brilliance and Hall-of-Fame career credentials, he is a below-average defender at this point in his career and the team probably defends better with him out of the rotation. They have plenty of offense without him and being at home is a BIG advantage.

Role players tend to shoot better at home. Houston’s entire success is predicated on shooting the ball well. If they do NOT make shots, Kawhi can hone in on Harden and shut down the Rockets (ala Game Two). If they rain in three pointers, you get Game One.

I’ll lean towards the more probably former tonight. San Antonio is pretty darn good at home. I think they’ll defend the arc well enough and hit enough shots tonight to survive Game Five and keep this series on serve.




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