Spurs vs. Celtics Pick NBA – November 1st

Holy Steph Curry. Forget the fact that we got another win backing the Warriors. That 53-point, 9-assist performance was simply jaw-dropping. It isn’t just the shots he makes, it is the shots he is will (and allowed) to TAKE that is so remarkable. I don’t know of any player in the NBA with the green light Steph currently operates under (even Kobe would hesitate on a couple of the off-footed 28 footer Curry launched and splashed last night). I don’t care what team you root for, if you like basketball, the Warriors and Curry are the best watch in all of sports.

We split the picks last night as the Pacers ran out of steam on both ends of the floor and instead made it a pleasant homecoming for Gordon Hayward (who won a state championship on the same floor) as the Jazz rolled to a blowout victory. We are still flat on the year, so it is time to start a little winning streak to get above .500. Let’s see if we can start some positive momentum tonight.

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Today’s Free Pick:

San Antonio Spurs -5 at Boston Celtics

The Spurs have undergone more change in this last offseason than they have experienced in nearly a decade. Yes, the core of the team is still intact, but HOW they will attack opponents is rapidly evolving. Kawhi Leonard, averaging 24.0 ppg, has become the undisputed focal point of the offense and they are still learning how to incorporate one of the best 4’s in the league into the flow of the game. LaMarcus Alderidge has only taken 23 shots in the first two games, but I expect that each game will see him become more and more involved. Once they figure it out, this should be one of the three or four best teams in the NBA.

Meanwhile, Boston will get a third straight home game to start the season and is searching for their second win. It won’t be easy against the Spurs. They struggled mightily against Toronto, a quality opponent, and won easily against the Sixers, a, er, less good opponent. Let’s focus more on the Toronto game. The Boston backcourt struggled to get quality shots and even with a game against Boston in the mix is shooting just 37% on the season. The Spurs are an excellent defensive team, even with Tony Parker slowing down a bit at the point. The Spurs also have significantly better depth than nearly every team they will face this season. I expect their bench to gain them 10-15 points on the C’s and provide enough punch to get the road cover.

Free Pick: San Antonio Spurs -5

Chris Scheeren / Author