Spurs vs Grizzlies Pick NBA – May 27th

The Miami Heat shut up a lot of doubters last night.  Similar to last year when the Pacers took an early series lead, Lebron, Wade and this time, Bosh, answered in a loud and resounding fashion.  Miami absolutely shredded Indiana’s vaunted defense to the tune of 70 points in the first half and never looked back.   It will bring about an interesting Game Four Tuesday night to see if we still have a series in the East.

Meanwhile, the great slugfest in the West has yet to materialize, and frankly, doesn’t look like it ever will.  The Grizzlies have never been

Le to exploit their one advantage, a dominant interior, and so much weight has fallen on Mike Conley’s shoulders.  While he has played well and even outplayed Tony Parker in stretches, it hasn’t quite been enough.  Two games have gone to overtime, been the simple fact remains that the series is now 3-0 Spurs.  So can Memphis stretch things out today and get back in this series (or at least make it into one?)  Let’s dig inside tonight’s potential elimination game…

San Antonio Spurs at Memphis Grizzlies -3 (Total: 181)

The Spurs have controlled this series with disciplined and efficient offense and by smothering the stagnant Grizzlies offense.  The largely hyped interior advantage hasn’t come to fruition thank to First Team All NBA selection Tim Duncan’s throw-back the clock season.  He has matched up with the league’s best front court and won the battle.

So today’s game comes down to pride.  Many experts were picking Memphis before the series, and it looks like Vegas is sticking to its guns, remaining with Memphis as the favorite (-3) even in a 3-0 series deficit.  It’s because on paper, Memphis should be down 3-0.  This should be a good series.  It possibly still could be, but it doesn’t seem too likely.

However, I can’t see Memphis just rolling over and getting swept away without a whimper.   This team is too good defensively not to bring out a solid effort at home tonight.  I like the crowd to remain strong – even though they have good reason to be disappointed and deflated.  Similarly for the players.  I expect Conley to play well and for Z-Bo to finally give them something on the offensive end.

Underrating the Spurs has been costly to many a bettor.  I am 1-2 ATS in this series for that exact same reason.  However, I am going to stick with the Grizz one more time and back them to get a win at home and avoid an embarrassing sweep.

Free Pick:  Memphis Grizzlies -3