Spurs vs. Heat NBA Finals Pick – June 10th

Game One gave us the LeBron cramps and a late Spurs flurry for a win. Game Two, to a lesser extent, featured Tony Parker getting hit in the ribs, stumbling late, and a Heat flurry for a win. We’ve had “LeBroning” and “Parkering” making their way through the Internet (which I do not get at all, not to be the old guy bitching about kids on his lawn, but can we stop it with all the “____-ing” after every trivial minor incident? Get attention online by doing something of value, not just trolling famous people. Anyway….).

For all the dramatic interpretations, I still go back to my original point before Game Two; we have a REALLY good series on our hands and one that is immensely enjoyable for simple basketball reasons. It is a series that has been very even except for a few minute stretches late in games, and one that has the potential to remain very tight, even as the scene shifts to South Beach tonight.

So who will come out on top after a pivotal Game Three? Let’s dig into tonight’s free pick.

Today’s Free Pick:


San Antonio Spurs at Miami Heat -4.5 (Total: 197.5)

The Heat put to rest the Spurs lengthy home winning streak Sunday night, and if the Spurs want to regain control of the series, they have going to have to put to bed an equally daunting streak tonight. The Heat haven’t lost a home game in the Playoffs and are winning by an average margin of 12.3 points. It seems like a meaningful stat, but the Spurs eight-game home streak of winning by 15 points of more seemed pretty meaningful as well…

SO do the Heat get it done tonight? I think they will win, but I think it’s going to be another tightly contested game. The Spurs missed an uncharacteristic percentage of foul shots in Game Two, and we leading with a minute and a half to go in the game. The Heat just made a few more plays down the stretch. The Spurs caught fire from three-point range with LeBron on the bench in Game One. Aside from that, this series is dead even.

I am taking the handful of points and the Spurs tonight, simply because of the value. This game, and EVERY game in this series is a complete toss-up. I wouldn’t go as far as to take the Spurs on the moneyline tonight, but I do like the five point cushion.

Free Pick: San Antonio Spurs +4.5