Spurs vs Heat Pick NBA – June 9th

NBA Finals – Game Two

The Spurs and Tony Parker took Game One in Miami, sending at least a small ripple of concern through Heat fans.  With San Antonio wresting home court advantage away, do they now have the upper hand in the series??  Thanks to the NBA Finals 2-3-2 format, perhaps not.  Even with home court “advantage” now theirs, it is hard to see them winning three straight games against the Heat, even in San Antonio.  More likely, this series is destined to be more of what we saw in Game One, a long, clean (only 14 total turnovers) series that will be highly competitive.

If you want to guard against overreaction, there is no place better to look than Vegas.  Think the sky is falling in Miami?   Vegas has the Heat as a six point favorite, a half-point more than they were favored by in Game One.

SO can they Heat rebound and even up the series tonight?  And more to the point, can they cover the six point margin?  Let’s take a look at tonight’s huge Game Two matchup.

San Antonio Spurs at Miami Heat -6 (Total: 187.5)

The Heat have been remarkable this season on the heels of a loss, especially in the postseason where they have won and covered every single time following a loss.  One of the reasons is, they are REALLY good – so they don’t lose often and even when they do, there is a good chance they were the better team so SHOULD bounce back and win.  The second reason might be a little more psychological, thus difficult to conclusively prove, but this team has a toughness and a resilience that seems to surface only when they are put in a position of strife or pitted somehow as an underdog.  It makes sense.  It must be draining and at times a little less satisfying to be expected to win EVERY game; it makes wins more mundane and losses more excruciating.

Perhaps we will see Miami bounce back with an aggressive, trapping, dominating defense tonight.  Either way, I like the Heat to win.  I think this will be a good series, perhaps even a great one, and I’m not as sure Miami will win as I was before the Playoffs ever started.  But I don’t think they will go down 0-2 at home.  Lebron is too good, and we’ve seen the Dwyane Wade miracle reserve in the tank game far too many times to doubt it is waiting in the biggest moments.

Free Pick:  Miami Heat -6