Spurs vs. Knicks Pick – February 12th

Well, that was fun.  Maybe not so much for Kevin Durant who got booed relentlessly by the same fans adored him for nearly a decade (which again, I “get it” but on a larger level, I find kinda funny).  It was probably a rough night for a guy who has never been known to like negativity and criticism.

Or maybe it WAS a good night.

KD didn’t need to say a word (though, surprisingly both he and his former mates had a LOT to say to each other last night – chippy chippy chippy).  All he had to do was play effortlessly and let Russell Westbrook’s play do all the “I told you so’s” for him.  Russell had another triple double, though this one won’t officially register as such since the third category was turnovers.  His statline looks otherwise brilliant, but ELEVEN turnovers man, ELEVEN.

Hate the Warriors if you want, but I’ve been a giant sports dork for 30 years and I’ve never seen a team play with more joy and happiness than the Golden State Warriors.  If you could leave rage-filled angst for effortless joy (oh, and still get $100 million dollars either way), what would YOU choose?

One last KD thought, if I ever go to any public setting dressed as a cupcake, please pull down the wrapper and kick me repeatedly… Grown adults dressing in cupcake costumes to troll a twenty-something quarter-billionaire is hustlin’ backwards…

Alas we grabbed another win with the Warriors easy cover, the Heat’s win streak was snapped at 13, the Bucks won on the road in Indiana despite losing Jabari Parker for the year last week and the Clippers got a nice road win at Charlotte.

Let’s cap off an unbeaten NBA weekend.

Today’s NBA Pick:

San Antonio Spurs -7.5 at New York Knicks

The Knicks haven’t been doing so well organizationally lately, as you have likely heard… And if Coach Hornacek were to go Rick Pitino and rant that “Patrick Ewing isn’t walking through that door.  Charles Oakley isn’t walking through that door” you can rest assured that he is at least 50% legally-guaranteed accurate. (RIMSHOT!)

Jokes aside, there is still the inescapable fact that the Knicks themselves are a little bit of a joke.  They have dropped four straight and are 4-11 in their last 15 games straight up.  They’ve lost at home to Denver, the Clippers and the Lakers in the last week and are 1-5 ATS in their last six games and 1-6 ATS in their last seven home games.

Meanwhile, San Antonio is, well, the Spurs.  The complete model of quiet consistency and excellence.  They are 5-1 SU in their last six games and 15-6 SU in their last 21 road games.  They enter tonight 41-12 and 22-6 on the road SU.  They are a good road favorite as well, posting a +8 average margin of victory and going close to 60% ATS on the road as a fave.

More importantly, the Knicks just aren’t very good and the Spurs are excellent.  There’s always the lingering longshot potential of Melo and Rose both having throwback days at the same time while also sharing with The Zinger, but let’s be honest here – those are really few and far between.  I’m willing to risk the Wayback Machine and stake my pick on the vastly superior and FAR more consistent team.

Again, I’ll take the vastly superior team.  The Spurs rarely lose to non-playoff teams when they put their full team on the floor.  No one is listed on the injury report aside from Pau Gasol’s continued absence.

I’ll eat the points and take the Spurs this afternoon on ABC (3:30pm EST)

Today’s Pick:  San Antonio Spurs -7.5