Thunder vs. Pacers Pick – February 6th

The NBA got out of the way yesterday for the Super Bowl, and unfortunately, the Celtics got out of the way for Paul Pierce to hit a late “goodbye Boston, thanks for the memories” three pointer to backdoor cover us.  If you read the NCAA beat as well, you’ve already heard me bitch, so I shall stop.  All whining is immediately countered with “FALCONS” and I feel less cursed…

If you DO need something to cure your football-is-over blues (and I totally get it – I get sad the day after the Final Four ends each year too.  Should I even type that in a forum that people who know me can read??  Hmmm….)  Anyhow – if you DO have some pigskin hangover blues, the NBA is a nice remedy tonight.  Cleveland at Washington is a fantastic game AND it is televised nationally.  The Cavs are, obviously, the defending champs, but Washington has stormed into the #3 spot in the East on the back of a seven game winning streak (11-1, 14-2 runs as well).  But let’s keep it real – ALL of that fades to footnote if they don’t win at home against Cavs.

And, as much as you’d probably like me to give you some advice, my advice is “no action.”  Momentum screams Washington.  Plus, they are at home.  But the Cavs have LeBron in a game where people are starting to doubt them.  In fact, the Cavs have been an underdog just six times all season long, so it is pretty rare territory (if you are wondering, the Warriors have been an underdog ZERO times this season – not relevant, but a helluva fun fact).

Today’s NBA Pick:

Oklahoma City Thunder at Indiana Pacers -4.5

This line opened at -3.5 and has moved relatively quickly to -4.5 or -5.  I think it is has moved for good reason.  The Pacers, like a lot of teams in the East seemingly, as catching a nice roll.  They have won six straight games to bolster their playoff positioning and all their offseason moves appear to be starting to connect.  They were already one of the better home teams in the East and now they are playing good basketball wherever they play.  They are 19-6 SU at home this season.

Oklahoma City has had road struggles this season.  They are 12-15 on the road straight up and just 5-11 ATS this season as a road underdog.

OKC has won two straight, but both were home games, including the NBA schedule disadvantage of having played last night while Indiana rested.  SO – hot team, at home where they are 19-6, hosting a team that played last night and then had to travel and I only have to lay 4.5??  Sounds good to me.

Today’s Pick:  Indiana Pacers -4.5