Thunder vs. Spurs Pick Game Two – NBA Playoffs

We notched a third straight winner last night, albeit in the easily the toughest of the three games from a wagering perspective outcome.  It could have been a stress-free day if we backed the Heat or Warriors.   The Pacers definitely didn’t cover easily.  They were getting hammered with six minutes to play and a furious rally got them to within one possession in the final twenty seconds.  One could argue (and Pacer fans would concur) that a missed call sealed the deal for the Raptors.

Either way, we covered and got the win, and for the most part, with the exception of a Clippers’ catastrophe, form has held (as it generally does) in the NBA Playoff Bracket.  Now we can move on to the more important business of Round Two and deciding an NBA Champion.

Are the Cavaliers still in cruise control tonight, or will the Hawks bring a better challenge this season?  And can OKC get up off the mat, or was Game One a sign of a miserable end??

Let’s dive in to today’s free pick and see if we can notch a fourth straight winning NBA pick.

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Today’s Free Pick:

Oklahoma City Thunder at San Antonio Spurs -7.5

Was Game One an aberration?  Oklahoma City fans better hope so, but I would be relatively quick to point out that the Spurs won that game by a million and they did it without ever really opening it up and putting the pedal down.  They won with twelve players playing double-figure minutes and only Aldridge playing 30.  Kawhi played 22 minutes.  That’s it.  Twenty two.  So they should all have PLENTY of gas in the tank tonight and plenty of motivation to wrap things up quickly and get on to the next series as soon as possible before Golden State can get healthy.

Maybe I’ll be humbled, but I wrote before the series I think this one will be way quicker than people expected, and I’m sticking with it until given even the faintest hint that things are different.  The depth of San Antonio is so vast that I don’t see them losing a series to two players.  San Antonio defends better as a team as well, so even the “what if KD and Westbrook go OFF argument doesn’t hold a ton of water for me.  OKC would have been better off as the #4 seed – I think they could have made things interesting for the Steph-less Warriors, but the Spurs are a terrible matchup for them.

Look for San Antonio to win easily again tonight.  Not AS easily as Game One, but still I don’t expect much no real game pressure on them for most of the night.

Free Pick: San Antonio Spurs -7.5

Chris Scheeren / Author